Saturday, May 26, 2012

The Bachelor Challenge V.1: Day 5: 3 Flirts, 4th Elimination, Group Hot Tub Date, 1-on-1 Romantic Kisses

Day 5: 3 Flirts, 4th Elimination, Group Hot Tub Date, 1-on-1 Romantic Kisses

Only 3 sim days left in the challenge! To get rid of the Hula Zombie and the nanny (dude, my lot glitched up :/), I'm going to move the whole household out, then back in. I'll then see if they can move out in-game. 

Sadly, I deleted all of their stuff in the process- oh well, un-bugging is hard. Right after move-in, Beau fell in love with Kaylynn- will there be any chance for the others?

<3 3 Flirts Before 12:00 PM <3 
  1. Calista = Hit On, accepted, Hold Hands, accepted, Caress, accepted
  2. Michelle = Goose, accepted, Caress, accepted, Hold Hands, accepted
  3. Lauren = Goose, accepted, Caress, accepted, Hold Hands, accepted
  4. Kaylynn = Sweet Talk, accepted, Suggestion, accepted, Goose, accepted
 Calista and Beau are now mutual crushes.
Michelle and Beau are best friends.
Just as Beau was finishing with Kaylynn, Michelle butted in and hugged Beau romantically. I thought Kaylynn would be jealous, but I guess not. Weird, huh?

I only opened up the buffet when almost everyone is hungry, and most everyone went to get food.
 Calista was left out of the conversation because she came last, leaving her on the sofa. I only placed 4 chairs and a round table, so better luck next time (sitting with the Bachelor is like playing musical chairs). 

***12:00 Elimination Time!***
  1. Kaylynn = 177
  2. Lauren = 160
  3. Michelle = 155 Beau has 2 chemistry bolts with her.
  4. Calista = 141
Calista is eliminated, which isn't surprising. Everyone is friends and mutual crush with Beau. Only Kaylynn has love with Beau, and only Calista wasn't Beau's best friend.
Bye-bye, Calista!   

Ugh, Calista still can't move out (darn these glitches!)... Townie time, then.
 She's still here, but when I save, back out, and then reload, Calista will be "Hasta La Vista".

 Everybody's doing their own thing- time to move onto the next event. 

<3 Group Hot Tub Date <3 ~15:00-18:00

No need  to record order of entry; all of the girls fit into the bachelor's tub. So far, so good. A few negatives here and there, but mostly positive conversation.

~~1-on-1 Romantic Kiss Dates~~

  1. Michelle = Accepted her first kiss!
  2. Kaylynn = Accepted
  3. Lauren = Accepted
Hm, Calista wanted to set Lauren up with a blind date, but of course that's not going to happen while she's still in the challenge.  
Kaylynn's already tried to get Beau to Woohoo in the hot tub 3 times. Seriously, Kaylynn, get a grip.

I'll tend to everybody's needs and then get them to bed.


This challenge will achieve its climax in the near future... it ends on Day 7.


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