Wednesday, May 23, 2012

The Bachelor Challenge V.1: Day 4: 2 Flirts, 3rd Elimination, Group Hot-Tub Date, 1-on-1 Date

Sorry for the nearly month long wait on the my next update; I had a lot of RL stuff that totally got in the way (namely school stuff) of any and all sim conquests.
Luckily, I'm back, so my first task at hand is to eventually finish posting the last few rounds of the Bachelor Challenge; after that, I'll shift back to the TOT Challenge. The PABACC Challenge will have to wait, unfortunately, but priorities are priorities.

Day 4:  Flirts, 3rd Elimination, Group Hot-Tub Date, 1-on-1 Date

I'm manually waking them to tend to their needs. Kaylynn's crying because she's in a red mood. Lauren's decided to play fetch with the Wolf Pack Leader named Balin in stormy weather at 4:36 PM. Smooth.

Almost everyone's at the table eating by 6:20 PM.

<3 2 Flirts Before 12:00 PM <3

The game's stepping up with 2 flirts instead of  just 1! Who will conquer Beau's simmy heart?

1. Maura = Charm, accepted; Suggestion, denied
2. Lauren = Hold Hands, accepted; Sweet Talk, accepted
3. Kaylynn = Caress, accepted; Hold Hands, accepted, best friends now
4. Michelle = Suggestion, accepted; Caress, accepted
5. Calista = Sweet Talk, accepted; Hold Hands, accepted, Beau has a crush on Calista now

***12:00 Elimination Time!***
Beau's Relationships
  1. Kaylynn = 167 *Friends, Mutual Crushes, Best Friends
  2. Lauren = 147 * Friends, Mutual Crushes
  3. Michelle = 143 *Friends, Mutual Crushes
  4.  Calista = 103 *Friends, Beau has a Crush
  5. Maura = 80 *She's the only without a friendship. :(
 Maura, the only candidate without a friendship, has been eliminated! What a shame; she had pretty genes. :/ I'll turn her into a townie if she cannot move out.... (Nope, she wasn't able to move out- a townie she will become, then!)

Anyway, moving on. Michelle and Lauren are really getting close now (they're almost BFs').
Everyone took a nap before the next date.

<3 Group Hot Tub Date <3 ~19:30-22:30
Order of entry- Winners
  1. Lauren
  2. Kaylynn
  3. Calista
Hm, Michelle was too busy eating to even compete. That means she'll be all alone- not that that matters; Michelle spends a lot of her lonesome free time in the hot tub anyways.

The hot tub date was quiet until Beau somehow lost his crush for Calista by conversation alone (I wasn't paying attention -_-). Poor Calista!

~~1-on-1 Share Interests Date~~
  1. Calista = positive
  2. Lauren = positive
  3. Kaylynn = positive
  4. Michelle = positive
Just noticed- Maura's stuck around. O.-

Beau autonomously kissed Lauren romantically in the living room. Her first kiss. :) This was without ACR, too, so it's a pretty special occasion.

Maura's STILL here and is watching a movie with Beau. Oh, now Beau's flirtatious advances are accepted by Maura (he charmed her autonomously). I guess she wants what she can't get (what an idiotic sim she is *tsk*).

Every sim by 3:46 AM is asleep, so I'll turn in too (in RL, it wasn't anywhere near 3:46 AM XD).


Yay! Only 4 more candidates to choose from. Who will Beau end up with? Let's find out... in the next few updates.


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