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Welcome to my The Test of Time Challenge Rules Page! You can check out my edited version of the rules here. I've changed quite a few of them to fit my playing style because the challenge can be so darn frustrating sometimes (in other words, I've made the challenge 10x easier).

If you don't like what I've done, you can always refer back to the original rules at MTS2.

My changes or additions are listed in green; some of these corrections might just be spelling or grammar, though, so be warned... Without further ado, I bring you the rules! WARNING: THIS IS AN EPIC CHALLENGE WITH EPIC AND VERY LONG RULES.

(rules updated as of 04/21/2012)

Challenge Basic:  Can your Sims stand to live through history? Or will they crumble, as so many have before them?
Stages: Neanderthal, Roman, Dark Ages, Medieval & Renaissance, Exploration and Colonization, Victorian, and Modern. 

Objective: To make it from the age of the Neanderthals to the modern world. 

General Rules:
1) There are to be only bloodlines going from your original families. However, only during the Roman stage, you may add one single, adult CAS Sim as needed to the mix. This sim may be of any class; however, choose wisely.
2) Anytime anyone gets into a fight, the loser must be killed by your method of choice. (If the stage is after the Neanderthals, then you are to place his or her grave in a community graveyard. This is the only way you are allowed to purposely kill Sims in this challenge.)
3) Neighborhood rotations!
4) The women are to take the men’s last name.
5) Some cheats will be permitted besides move_objects on (For decorating houses and un-glitching things) and familyfunds (read on!).
6) Every time you woohoo, you have to try for baby.
7) Every time someone marries out of their social class, they are to take on the higher of the two classes.
8) After the Neanderthal Stage, seasons are set to summer, fall, winter, spring.
9) After the Neanderthal Stage, all objects are allowed for the most part aside from electronics and specified restrictions per social class and during the Dark Age. However, things such as the Telescope weren’t used until the Renaissance, so use common sense on what to use and what not to.
10) InTeenimater is permitted (but no "artificial inseminations").
11) Beginning from the 1st birth of Generation 3, Miscarriages, which is an InTeen feature, must be enabled to prevent overpopulation.
12) The CloserFamily Patch (a.k.a. Incest) is permitted, but only for non-biological-sibling (i.e. no brother and sister from the same parents) and non-biological-parent (i.e. adoptive parents are okay) matches. Everyone else such as an adoptive sibling or a biological cousin would be game. This will probably come in handy for the "royal" lineages later in the challenge.
13) The BiggerHouseholds Hack is permitted.
14) The NoSocialWorker Hack is permitted (this may be removed in later stages as seen fit).
15) The FlexiSchool Hack is permitted.
16) The PeeAnywhere Hack for both genders is permitted.
17) ACR is permitted.
18) Marriages of Convenience Hacks are permitted within reason. 

Neanderthal Stage (3 generations):
Basic: Welcome to the prehistoric times, Simmies! In the today's world we make think that we have all the knowledge, but can modern Sims last in this ancient world? Like all challenges, you must start with humble beginnings. Humble indeed!

1) Start with five couples, each with an adult male and female. Create two couples with Skin 4, two with Skin 1, and one mixed with one adult having Skin 1 or 2 and the other with Skin 3 or 4. Each couple is to move into a small lot, placed next to each other and near water.
2) The couples are to interact only with each other. They may not even greet townies or NPCs.
3) The couples are to try for babies as frequently as possible. As soon as one baby is born, then try for another.
4) They cannot get jobs, or visit any community lots of any sort. They are to make their living by farming, and survive by farming (including orchards) and fishing as the only food source. You cannot do anything else to earn money, including digging for treasure.
5) Their funds, upon moving in, should be set to $3,000.
6) Seasons are set to summer year-round.
7) Objects allowed:
5 beds (Hammocks, tents, or the lowest cost single or double bed. Double beds and tents count as 2 beds.)
1 cheap loveseat
1 cheap stove
1 cheap counter
1 cheap phone
1 mammoth shower/ wooden tub
Small hut
Cheapest table and 3 cheap chairs
Farming plots or fruit trees (You can buy more as you get more money)
A pond
1 sink
1  toilet stall or the cheapest toilet
1 cheap dresser
1 fridge (To serve only meals that the family grew/caught such as ‘Bass with Squash’ and to get baby bottles.)
One pet bowl (Only if the household contains pets; this is NOT exclusively for toddlers, so don't buy a bowl if you don't have a pet.)
One chew bone (Can only be found by digging up treasure; do not sell/ delete the other treasure/ junk found- you must keep it on the lot/ in your sims' inventories.)
8) Once the kids grow up, they are to each buy the same size lot as their parents and have their funds set to $3,000, with the exception of the oldest two, who may live on their parents’ farm. (They both don’t have to, but one must.)
9) As soon as you have gone through 3 generations, and the oldest Gen. 3 child turns into a teen, move on to the next step.
10) Ranks are developed based on which family has the most money. (I deleted the part about the skin colors- based on historical evidence that skin color was not a primary decider in who go the most money during the Roman Times, I decided not to implement that in the Roman Era. I also delete the part about adding up the families to decide ranks; I think they should be judged based on their individual household statuses.) Whichever family has the most money is the Emperors, the next is the Patricians, the next is the Plebeians, and last is the Slaves. There should be more Slaves than Plebeians, more Plebeians than Patricians, and only 1 Emperor’s family. Judiciously divide up the families so that the neighborhood has the proper hierarchical structure befitting that of the Roman Era.

Roman Stage (4 generations): Coming Soon!

I will post the rest of the eras when I get to them (which will take a millennium for me); for now, you can assume that I'm planning on using the official rules.


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