Saturday, December 10, 2011

TOT Neanderthal Round 1: The Bals

We return now to the Isle of Tartar (I have no clue where I got that name)!

The next family on our list is the Bals.


     Haaru Bal   (Gen 1)                                                                         Cree Bal   (Gen 1)
            Brown hair                                                                                       Blond hair 
            Brown eyes                                                                                      Blue eyes
            Skin 1                                                                                              Skin 1

Well, aren't they romantic? :3

Cree starts their garden and gains some environment enthusiasm.


The happy couple get down to business...

They have three lightning bolts of attraction, so they should be content for the majority of their lives. :3

Afterwards, Cree meets a neighborhood pal, a wolf-like canine named Maya.
Maya is a female, a genius, hyper, independent, aggressive, and in between being a pigpen and finicky.

Looks like the Ashes are back!
Zanzibar and Shadrya Ash come out to greet their new neighbors, the Bals. Shadrya has a nice baby bump from their earlier round.

The neighbors take some time to socialize and acquaint themselves for the first time.


Meanwhile, Haaru prepares the Bals' first meal from his very first catch, a delicious bass.

Haaru and Cree sit down and enjoy the sparkly meal. Mmm, bass. :)


Haaru makes his first friend with Zanzibar through a playful game of throw-the-rock (a.k.a. Water balloon fight). Maybe the families will get along after all...

... Or maybe not. DX

I think the situation here is pretty self-explanatory (darn you, ACR).

Haaru is the jealous type, I presume. Ironically, Cree is still smiling.

Later that night, Cree receives a call from her new friend Shadrya.
Unfortunately, Haaru still hasn't made up with Cree and goes straight to bed. Alone.

Ahh, young, smelly love. Looks like Zanzibar and Cree still haven't learned their lesson.
Cheaters. :o3

Cree's nausea confirms her first pregnancy. Too bad she's still on rocky terms with Haaru.


The next day, things start to look up for the Bals. Haaru meets a little dog named DD.
Of course, Haaru can't help himself and takes the little canine in (by now, Maya has also been adopted).

DD is a female, doofus, hyper, in between independent and friendly, cowardly, and a major pigpen.

On a good note, Cree tries to amend her wrongs by apologizing profusely to Haaru.


Haaru accepts her apology.
They still have a long way to recovery, but at least they've made the first step.

This is what Maya has been eating for her entire stay at the Bals:

Maya thinks: Yum, bass. I do love human food.

Maya enjoys a good tussle with a real wolf.

They look pretty happy. :)

Cree scowls after having caught her third or fourth boot.
 I think that's funny because boots didn't exist in the Neanderthal times... Maybe some alternate time share? : P


Haaru enjoys a quiet dinner with his canine pal DD.
He's still not best friends with Cree, so he can't sleep in the same bed as her yet. :(

I don't think that'll take too long, though; Haaru and Cree are friendly enough for this interaction:

Haaru: *coos over baby bump*

The newly requited couple share a cuddle underneath the prehistoric stars.

In fact, they cuddle for so long that they just lay there until midday...

Cree: *blinks* Is it morning already?!

Haaru and Cree hug romantically and promise never to part ways again.

... And they seal that with a kiss. A very, very hot kiss.
Haaru: Okay, I think you can let go now...
Cree: *continues glomping anyway*

After getting past all that drama, Haaru assumes his long-neglected gardening duties.
Haaru gains his first gardening badge.


Cree finally goes into labor pains!

Haaru rushes over to witness the first birth but is quickly shocked by how horrible it really is.

Haaru thinks: Note to self: always stay away from wife when in labor.

After moaning and writhing for several minutes, Cree miraculously gives birth to a son named Hiptar.
Hiptar has brown hair, brown eyes, and is skin 1, just like his father.

Relieved that the birthing process is finally over, Haaru steps over to meet his new baby boy.
Haaru: Aw, he looks just like me! Maybe childbirth isn't so bad, after all.
Cree: I beg to differ. *Pointedly reminds Haaru that she was the one in agony*


That night, Haaru and Cree celebrate their son's birth by fishing together for the first time.
I think it's hilarious that both of them are talking about objects that have yet to exist.

Haaru is lucky enough to catch a giant bass. Mmm, bass. :3
By now, both Cree and Haaru have bronze fishing badges.

Cree rests in the hammock and wistfully looks at the stars.
The prehistoric ages weren't all bad, you know.


The next day, Cree goes fishing again, this time alone.
Cree: Hah! Take that, fish!

Of course, the supernatural forces mock her and decide to give her a nasty sunburn.
Cree: Oh, poop.

Cree gains her bronze gardening badge. She still has a horrible sunburn, though.

Cree receives another call from who-knows-what (probably Shadrya, but I was too lazy to check).
The dogs are quietly suffering in the background (from starvation and chronic smelliness).

Haaru mops up (but mops didn't exist in the Pre-Historic Time!!!) after the dogs. Maya constantly pees on the floor, but DD is house-broken.

The Bals finally take pity and feed the dogs.

The  dogs can only eat bass because:
a. there are no food bowls
b. bass is delicious
c. that's the only cookable fish the Bals have managed to catch
d. all of the above

Answer: all of the above.

Maya and DD are now best friends. :3


Cree coos over Hiptar in his nice new turtle-shell crib.


The dogs are constantly playing together.

They even share the same plate (I didn't know they could do that).


Meanwhile, Cree catches another sunburn. This time, though, she just stands there, languishing in the sun while her needs bars slowly plummet...


(I know that I deliberately broke a challenge rule, but whatever...)

Unable to wake her up, Haaru somehow obtains a strange weather contraption and fires it up.
As soon as it activates however, it shoots a frightful beam into the sky and releases something... peculiar...

Little specks of white flutter to the ground, instantly waking Cree up from her heat-induced coma.

Yes, it is indeed snowing in the middle of summer.

Now revived, Cree realizes that she is starving quite literally.

Of course, she's in no state to cook properly and starts a fire instead.

Getting over her initial shock, Cree plucks up her courage and tries to put out the fire with her handy-dandy fire extinguisher (again, that shouldn't have existed during the pre-history days)!

Succeeding, the dirty oven smolders with the charred remains of Cree's once delicious bass.
Of all things, Cree decides to complain about DD's smell.

During all of this ruckus, Hiptar grows into a cute little toddler.
 For some reason, Hiptar looks sort of Asian.

Hiptar becomes best friends with Haaru (I think Hiptar is already best friends with his mother, though).

Hiptar takes his first steps toward manhood.

Father-son bonding time.


Haaru and Cree woohoo for the first time since their little spat from before.

Meanwhile, Hiptar wanders outside and plays in the snow (it still hasn't stopped!).


Haaru picks the first fruits of the harvest... in the middle of a blizzard.
Both Cree and Haaru have bronze fishing badges and gardening badges.

Inside, Cree finishes teaching Hiptar how to walk.

Cree subsequently pees herself. *facepalm*

...And she discovers that she's pregnant. Again.

That's it for the Bals! Until next time... Ciao.