Tuesday, March 20, 2012

PABACC: The Genesis (or the Aftermath)

The Post-Apocalyptic Build A City Challenge

For miles around, the land has been scarred by an idiopathic series of massive tornadoes that had whipped up all that was once precious to the denizens of Ramsend River Valley, leaving behind a bleak, desert wasteland. What once was a flourishing little suburb in a town of greenery and fauna is now a desolate landscape of debris and sand. 
With only a few handful of survivors left in the aftermath, can they ever hope to rebuild Ramsend River Valley to its former glory?

Thursday, March 15, 2012

TOT Family Trees

Hi, peeps! Sorry for yet another long hiatus; I don't have any new gameplay posts yet, but I've recently been working on a new feature for the site: Family Trees.

 Right now, I only have the Ash Family Tree completed, but I'm going to post the other trees soon. It'll be cool to see the families branch out over time, so please check that link out from time to time.

I'm using Ancestry.com's Family Tree Maker to make these trees; it's a pretty good program in general.

Hopefully I'll have a new gameplay post by the end of this month- it's been hectic at school and home.

Edit: The Bal Family Tree is up.
         The Cor Family Tree is up.