Monday, February 20, 2012

TOT Neanderthal Round 2: The Cors

 Welcome back to the TOT Challenge! We return to the Cors for Round 2.

I just finished playing this family earlier today, so I'm trying to update as fast as possible. Hopefully I didn't take too many pictures this time... (I probably did, though). You may find the captions to be a bit terse...

Ran Cor gets bump 2...

and bump 3. :)

She already had her 1st bump in Round 1, so her next baby could come at any time now.

With all of his traversing across the Isle of Tartar and back, Ipshad caught food poisoning from one of his neighbors' bad bass.

Ran becomes best friends with her neighbor, Arok En, over the Neanderthal line.

Best pals forever! Ipshad bonds with his infant daughter, Rangu. Looks like he's still suffering from food poisoning. Either that, or he's strangely nauseated by the mere presence of his daughter.

Ran kicks back on the family hammock and gets some much wanted R & R. I suppose she needs to mentally prepare for her incoming offspring.


 Little Rangu spontaneously transforms into a cute toddler via an exploding cloud of mysteriously colorful non-geometric shapes. Her eyes look gray in this picture, but I remember her as having green eyes... Hmm...

Rangu celebrates her 1st birthday by becoming best friends with Ran.

After changing Rangu into a more appropriately ragged animal pelt, Ipshad commences his daughter's speech training.
Ipshad: Say, "Da Da"!
 I don't sense much success, however.

Ran really loves her hammock. She often autonomously swings around on it whenever she gets the chance.


After continuous effort, Ipshad finally succeeds in getting little Rangu to speak.
Ipshad still has the stomach bug, though.

Ipshad: Hello?! All of this teaching has made me hungry as a wooly mammoth!

To satisfy his own hunger, Ipshad cooks up some delicious grub. So sparkly! :3
Since Ipshad's been visiting all of his neighbors' ponds, he's stocked up on quite a fish haul. At the start of this round, Ipshad had:
8 largemouth bass
7 jumbo largemouth bass
1 blue catfish
6 jumbo blue catfish
6 rainbow trout
4 jumbo rainbow trout
3 boots
That makes a total of 35 items in his cache! Way to go, Ipshad. :D
On a different note: now that Rangu has finally learned to speak, it's all she can ever think about.

With the guttural cries of a wounded elephant (does that even make sense?), Ran announces that her birthing time has come.

Baby #2 has arrived! Meet Rangu's sister, little Razmiik (black hair, green eyes, Skin 1).

The proud mother hands her new daughter over to the proud father, but what for?

The "what for" turned out to be the birth of a little boy! Ran just gave birth to twins!!

Meet the younger twin, Iaarl (black hair, green eyes, Skin 2). Iaarl is the Cors' 1st son, and he's also the 1st sim in this challenge to have Skin 2.

Now that the Cors have 3 children, both parents rolled wants for 10 kids. I wonder if they can achieve that... I guess we'll find out soon enough...

Ipshad makes friends with Razmiik.

Ran and Ipshad have a "make-up-make-out" session. After their blow out from last round (you can blame Haaru Bal for that!), the couple was on frigid terms and hardly interacted at all. Maybe now they'll forgive and forget...

In case anyone wonders, I used Citebite to link to a specific part of the post.

Looking buff! Ipshad's been working out to regain his shape.
Ipshad: I'm cutting down on the bass. *flexes*

Despite being fraternal, the twins dirty their linen at the same time.

...And their diapers are changed at the same time, too. :3

Through the age-old bonding elements of diaper changing, Ran becomes Iaarl's 1st friend.

Looks like Ipshad wants to be Iaarl's pal, too.


Or just normal mealtime. Whichever floats your raft.

Wow, the Ens heart-farted each other at the same time. I guess they really were made for each other.

Some more automatic romancing. They're pretty adorable together.

The best of friends, Ran and Arok reconcile their friendship with a game of slap-each-other-until-one-of-us-cries.

Ipshad passes the time by conversing with a friend of his own over the Neanderthal line.

When left to their own devices, sims will auto-romance each other to death. Ipshad and Ran joins the automatic-romance bandwagon with a bit of flirting.

Aw, how cute. Bahibah En gives some attention to the somewhat neglected Rangu.
Arok looks on, jealously.

After a happy woohoo, Ipshad smiles in his sleep as he dreams of a leaf. XD

Arok goes in for the kill and satisfies his jealousy by tickling Rangu half to death.

Is it just me, or does Ipshad look shocked? What, don't you appreciate your free-of-charge babysitting service? :P
Ipshad: ... *disturbed*

Indeed. For some reason, the Ens are actually babysitting the Cor kids. I have no clue why they're doing it, but it's definitely strange.
Maybe it's because Bahibah is expecting a child, so she's getting some parenting practice.
 Still weird.

No matter what, taking care of twins is always hectic. Bottles here, diapers there, and always the ubiquitous stink cloud of doom.

Ran's motives have been suffering lately. She's always hungry, cranky, stinky, exhausted, and environment-deprived.

Ipshad, on the other hand, has been smoothly sailing through life. He's always in the green and tends to most of the duties nowadays; right now, he's taking care of the harvest in the middle of the night.

No wonder Ran's been so moody lately; she's expecting again! This is baby bump 1 of her 3rd pregnancy, but she will be expecting her 4th (and maybe even 5th) child.

Being pregnant and taking care of 3 obstreperous and often stinky kids is sapping Ran's energy. :(

Look at all of those stink clouds. I hate it when the bass gets wasted; maybe that will stop once the kids grow older.

Now that Rangu knows how to talk the talk, her father tries to teach her how to walk the walk.
The walk of a caveman, that is.
Well, at least Ipshad and Rangu become BFF's. I guess there's a bright side to everything.

Sleep deprived. She can't even make it to a bed without collapsing miserably on the floor.

With 2 newborns and a toddler around, the parents haven't managed to get so much as a wink indoors. My solution? Move the beds outdoors- I traded the double bed in for 2 separate hammocks.

Ran still seems to have sleeping troubles, though. I guess she wanted the same hammock as Ipshad.
Tough luck.

Tough luck for Ipshad as well- sleeping outdoors made him catch a sunburn.
Stupid Prehistoric Age. :(

While embracing Rangu, Ran catches a similarly lobster-red sunburn. Sunburns look especially strange on darker-skinned sims.

Young Rangu grows up well, but what's with that grimace? Shouldn't a birthday be a happy occasion?

Oh, I see. Rangu's worrying about her mother, who just fainted from utter exhaustion. Not a good thing for a pregnant, sunburned sim.


Later that night, Rangu changes into a more fitting attire and adopts a wilder hairstyle.
This picture proves that she has green eyes; her eyes looked gray in an earlier picture, though. It guess it must've been the lighting; maybe I should get a different set of default eyes, though.

For the 1st time ever, Rangu gets to dine on big-girl food with her family.

Ipshad looks mildly disturbed by Ran's behavior at the dinner table. Unlike Ipshad, Ran still hasn't recovered from her earlier sunburn. And she's still overwhelmed by exhaustion.
And she's pregnant. Ipshad is none of those.

With Rangu's birthday, Ran expresses both a fear and a want for a new baby. How ambivalent of her.

Baby Iaarl grows up 1st! Even though he was born last, he grew up before his twin sister.
I really hate it when that happens; I can't wait until I can use the Buy Mode cakes to grow up the babies in their proper orders.

The family seems quite concerned about Ran's disastrous condition.
I wonder if the Neanderthal Era had counseling.

Razmiik follows her brother and soon grows up as well.
I'm pretty disappointed that she didn't look nearly as cute as either Rangu or Iaarl, but maybe she'll look better when she becomes a child.

Well, no matter how cute a toddler is, it can still cause a heck of a lot of noise.

Ipshad tactfully ignores Iaarl's bawling by tending to the garden's needs.

Another bump manifests itself on Ran. The baby (or babies) should arrive soon. Let's just hope that it isn't twins.


Rangu tries her hand at fishing. She seems to be a natural since she catches 2 catfish on her 1st outing.

Rangu also helps her parents out by attending to the garden.

Ipshad becomes best friends with Razmiik through a good tickle session. Ipshad's also best friends with his son, Iaarl.

Ran is way behind on the whole parenting scheme.
She's only just managed to befriend Razmiik, and she still hasn't become best friends with Iaarl.

Congratulations, Ipshad! You've managed to get the silver gardening badge!!! :D

In celebration of his newly earned badge, Ipshad dances happily with his daughter. I like how they're wearing matching orange pelts with stripes.

Razmiik doesn't seem to like her older sister very much.

Well, that's just great. Rangu was trying to play peek-a-boo with you, but you were being a naughty brat and refused. Shame on you, Razmiik. SHAME.
Razmiik is probably my least favorite sim right now.

I guess someone had to take pity on you, you little runt. *sigh* -_-


Though, now I know that he's just 1 of those random townies who give out the Freetime membership hobby thingamabobs. Not that any of my Neanderthal sims will ever be able to use that.

Well, Rangu looks horribly scarred from that experience.

Birthing time!!!
I call that horrible timing; the contractions kicked in just as she began preparing a meal for her starving stomach. The bass will probably burn. :\

For the 3rd time this round, Ran gives birth. :3
Meet her newest son, Ibel (black hair, gray eyes, Skin 4). So far, he's the only child to have Ipshad's gray eyes... I wonder if something's wonky about the genetics. Shouldn't gray be a dominant trait?

Oh, well. I guess I can ask around the forums.

This was a pretty fast update, so I'm happy about that. Until next time, ciao!