Friday, February 10, 2012

Future Posts Planned

I just wanted to make a very quick post about what I plan to post in the upcoming weeks (or months, depending on RL time management).

My first priority for the sims is to complete the Bals' Round 2 so I can start up their post. Like the Ashes' Round 2, the posting may take up to 3 or 4 weeks to complete since I absolutely loathe posting... I feel like I would already be on the Romans if it weren't for the vast amount of pictures I subconsciously insist on taking. Must be the tourist in me. XD

I hope I can get the first taste of the Bals up on this blog by the end of February. I'm a lazy pig, though, so I might not even play through them until March (even though seasons are only about 7 sim days long). For those of you who are watching this blog, please be patient with my horrible habits of long hiatuses in between posts. I have a lot of commitment issues that I need to resolve. :(

Additionally, I want to start a challenge that I've posted about earlier; the challenge is a BACC with a Post-Apocalyptic twist.
Please check out the rules here:

This was my blog post about it:

***To MimiSim @ MTS2: Please don't think I've given up on your challenge! I just haven't found time or motivation to play the sims right now, but I still plan to start playing some time.***

I might start 2 posts at the same time, one about the Bals and one about PABACC. Hopefully I can get started on either post by the end of this month.

Hope to post soon,


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