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TOT Neanderthal Round 2: The Bals

Welcome back to the Test of Time Challenge! Sorry that it took so long for me to update; I've been really busy. XS

In any case, we return to the Bals for Round 2! I've made some new adjustments to the challenge based on the pet problems that I encountered last time (see this post ~ press Ctrl and F at the same time, type in police).

See what I mean?
If you've been following along my challenge thus far (or if you followed my advice and looked at the link above), then you probably picked up on the fact that the pets in my challenge have been literally starving since I originally didn't include pet bowls (the Prehistoric times wouldn't allow it!). 
After seeing Olive's abduction, however, I realize now that I should tweak the rules so that I can at least minimally provide for my pets' needs.

Ergo, my custom-made pet rules 
(these mainly cater to canines for now- I haven't had any cats yet):
1. If the household contains pets, then you may buy 1 pet bowl.
2. If the household contains dogs, then a sim may dig up treasure until s/he finds a chew bone. Any additional treasure found cannot be sold or deleted; just leave it around your lot in inconspicuous places.
3. If a dog has no more hygiene motive, then you may trade the Mammoth Shower for the wooden bathtub so that you can wash the dog.

That's all I have so far; with all of these tweaks, I think I'm going to have to post up a proper rules list in my Challenges page. Check that out later, please. ;)

Someone left a giant puddle of who-knows-what on the hut ground... since Hiptar doesn't have any toys, he turns it into a kiddie pool and splashes around for an indefinite amount of time. 

While Cree tries to dissuade her poor little offspring from misbehaving, the dogs pal around. DD and Maya are the best of friends by now and constantly socialize with each other.
Mother Cree tries to teach Hiptar to talk. They don't seem to make much progress, though, since Hiptar is bull-headed about the entire practice and refuses to make even the smallest utterance of semi-intelligible garble.

 Good thing Cree still has her platinum mood going; teaching toddlers to talk can be frustrating to the point of insanity.


Remember how Haaru saved his wife from death by heatstroke when he summoned that extraordinary blizzard using miraculous and unexplainable feats? If not, check this post out: The Bals, Round 1 (Ctrl + F, type in modern)

Okay, now that we have that refresher in place, you'll notice that the snow hasn't receded. Luckily, however, the deluge of whiteness has stopped by now, and the plants are largely unaffected by the strangely frigid conditions.

Haaru still tends to his planting duties even though it's a gazillion degrees below 0 and he's only wearing a mere loincloth. What a faithful guy (or just a stupid one). :D

Finally realizing that it's supposed to be deathly cold outdoors, the poor little caveman retreats into his cavern of a home and takes refuge from the biting sting of snow. Maya welcomes him with a friendly demeanor. 
Looks like DD wants some love, too. :3

Haaru befriends Ipshad over the Neanderthal line. I guess it really doesn't matter since Cree's already friends with Ipshad, but it doesn't hurt to weld bonds between family friends even closer.

Looking for a little love, tiny Hiptar warmly embraces the even tinier DD in a suffocating hug.

Even Cree joins in the doggy craze and plays a game of razzle with Maya.


Haaru finishes Hiptar's education on the basic rudiments of prehistoric speech.
Both parents are best friends with Hiptar, but only Haaru is on the BFF level. Cree better catch up!

Ipshad makes a social visit and actually cracks a decent smile for once.

More huggles from little Hiptar. He'll either grow up to become a fantastic dog tamer or become a sadistic murderer with an apparent fascination for pressure point torture. :P

1st baby bump! Baby #2 is on its way (and perhaps baby #3)!

Even with her new discovery, Cree still performs her gardening duties to the best of her abilities. Notice that the snow is gradually melting... :(

Aw, the poor little tyke has a severe need for a potty.
Tough luck, kid- the Prehistoric Times weren't all fun and games, you know. No bathrooms or anything.

How bittersweet. 
Ipshad takes pity on his friend's baby and tries to cheer up the little squirt, but Hiptar clearly wanted his dad to take care of him. :(

Oh, I spoke too soon!
Realizing that his son wanted him, Haaru goes outside to play with his firstborn babe. That's perfect timing, there. :)

After putting their darling child to bed, Haaru and his expectant wife stay out for some nighttime fishing.


 By the next morning, the snow has almost entirely melted away, leaving behind only a very sad-looking snowman.

It seems like DD has found a new playmate.

Cree takes interest in the tiny canine and decides to take him in. His name is Widget, and he is genius, lazy, finicky, somewhere between independent and friendly, and somewhere between aggressive and cowardly.
He already knows a couple of tricks (above is the well-known shake).

Stop being so histrionic, Haaru. *rolls eyes*

Without the snow, the blistering heat has returned to the Isle of Tartar with a voracious vengeance.

What? You're still here?!
Ipshad: ... *motionless*
It seems as though Ipshad has stood there in the corner for nearly the entire night. How eerie. O.o

 Woo! Hiptar grows up into a dazzling child with a fantastic smile.

I like that he grew up well; so far, all of the birthdays have been good.

Like any good neanderthal boy should, Hiptar immediately helps his family out by tending to the garden.

Like Haaru, Cree hasn't been taking too kindly to the return of the summer heat.

The heat's already taking it's toll on poor Cree. Don't forget, she's pregnant! D:
I just hope she can survive her ordeal.


To add to her pressures, she gets another angry baby bump, inciting her anger at every single little disappointment. Definitely not a good day for her.
Cree: @&*$#@ %^#


I guess Cree managed to calm down enough so that she can at least function...

Even though the pets are now mainly eating from the food bowl, they occasionally have the opportunity to be fed some good ol' bass.

Speaking of bass, Hiptar tries to catch one, and by golly does he FAIL. His first catch turns out to be a boot (which, as I've said an infinite amount of times, did not exist back then).

Lol, Just look at that angry face! I really feel his pain. XD

Hiptar tries to vent some of his anger by playing with Widget. The family starts off the morning with a mostly recreational approach; notice that Haaru is leisurely watching birds while Maya enjoys a good gnawing bone.

Like the rest of the Bal Clan, Cree pursues a fun activity and tends to the family garden. Even though that does technically count as a duty, she finds it an enjoyable undertaking and revels in the (sometimes literal) fruit.

With dedication and concentration, Hiptar finally catches his first fish, a steely gray catfish. 

...Ipshad still hasn't left? It's been over 2 @#%$%@# days, now!!! Since he's a Cor, his turn isn't even until next time! Can't he %@%# wait?! D:<


 Haaru tenderly pays attention his future offspring as his already born child slumbers away in the background.

Just like that, Cree goes into the painful convulsions that mark the beginning of a birth.
Cree: Oh, @#$^&&^*#@!!!!!!!

Meet baby Chipama, the 2nd child, but the 1st daughter, to be born of the Bal name. Chipama has brown hair, dark blue eyes, and is skin 1.

Chipama's younger twin, Chinokk, is also a girl, but the twins have different eye colors. Chinokk takes after her father and has brown hair, brown eyes, and is skin 1.

Congrats to the happy pappy parents! :3

Now that she has 3 kids, Cree wants 7 more to make 10... O.o
Both of the adult Bals' LTWs relate to children. While Cree wants to marry off 6 kids, Haaru wants to be an amazing grand-pappy and have 6 grand-kids in his lifetime. I'll see what I can do... >.<

Jealous of his newborn sisters, Hiptar steals back the attention of the show by earning a bronze fishing badge.
Hiptar: Hey! Pay attention to me! I deserve all the praise since I'm the firstborn and I've actually done something beyond being born.

Hiptar is so resentful that he didn't even watch the birth, lol. Sibling rivalry from the start, huh? XD


Haaru is so nice to his canine companions. :3

I think this picture is pretty self-explanatory.

Haaru & Cree: Darn kids, we can't get a single moment of alone time in this crowded cave. D:<

Hiptar's so rambunctious today. The precedent of all couch-jumpers, Hiptar becomes the first child to ever jump on a couch. EVER.

Haaru does his best to ignore his son and tucks in one of his newborn daughters. For some reason, Haaru looks a bit pensive.

Even though the babies were just born a couple of hours ago, Cree and Haaru have already started picking favorites; Cree and Chipama become friends first while Haaru hits it off with Chinokk. I think it has something to do with their eye colors; Chipama has blue eyes like her mother while Chinokk has Haaru's exact coloring (brown hair, brown eyes).

Overheated from couch jumping, Hiptar develops a burn from the unhealthy sweat he worked up. That'll show him. XD

A friendly conversation over the Neanderthal line cements a best-friendship between Haaru and Zanzibar Ash.

Annoyed by the constant screaming of the new babies, Hiptar decides to rough it out in the great outdoors.

We end this chapter of the Bals with a shot of Haaru earning his Silver Gardening Badge! :D
Haaru beats Cree in friendship-making by becoming friends with Chipama as well; Cree has yet to be friends with Chinokk.

Yes! I updated more quickly this time, probably because I was more selective with the picture-taking. I still feel like I have too many pictures, though. Ah, well, at least I'm done for now. Please be patient with my uploading; I may have another long hiatus since I'm considering giving up video games for Lent.

Next up, the Cors, Round 2! Ipshad will be pleased. XD

Until then, see ya!

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