Saturday, May 26, 2012

The Bachelor Challenge V.1: Day 5: 3 Flirts, 4th Elimination, Group Hot Tub Date, 1-on-1 Romantic Kisses

Day 5: 3 Flirts, 4th Elimination, Group Hot Tub Date, 1-on-1 Romantic Kisses

Only 3 sim days left in the challenge! To get rid of the Hula Zombie and the nanny (dude, my lot glitched up :/), I'm going to move the whole household out, then back in. I'll then see if they can move out in-game. 

Sadly, I deleted all of their stuff in the process- oh well, un-bugging is hard. Right after move-in, Beau fell in love with Kaylynn- will there be any chance for the others?

<3 3 Flirts Before 12:00 PM <3 
  1. Calista = Hit On, accepted, Hold Hands, accepted, Caress, accepted
  2. Michelle = Goose, accepted, Caress, accepted, Hold Hands, accepted
  3. Lauren = Goose, accepted, Caress, accepted, Hold Hands, accepted
  4. Kaylynn = Sweet Talk, accepted, Suggestion, accepted, Goose, accepted
 Calista and Beau are now mutual crushes.
Michelle and Beau are best friends.
Just as Beau was finishing with Kaylynn, Michelle butted in and hugged Beau romantically. I thought Kaylynn would be jealous, but I guess not. Weird, huh?

I only opened up the buffet when almost everyone is hungry, and most everyone went to get food.
 Calista was left out of the conversation because she came last, leaving her on the sofa. I only placed 4 chairs and a round table, so better luck next time (sitting with the Bachelor is like playing musical chairs). 

***12:00 Elimination Time!***
  1. Kaylynn = 177
  2. Lauren = 160
  3. Michelle = 155 Beau has 2 chemistry bolts with her.
  4. Calista = 141
Calista is eliminated, which isn't surprising. Everyone is friends and mutual crush with Beau. Only Kaylynn has love with Beau, and only Calista wasn't Beau's best friend.
Bye-bye, Calista!   

Ugh, Calista still can't move out (darn these glitches!)... Townie time, then.
 She's still here, but when I save, back out, and then reload, Calista will be "Hasta La Vista".

 Everybody's doing their own thing- time to move onto the next event. 

<3 Group Hot Tub Date <3 ~15:00-18:00

No need  to record order of entry; all of the girls fit into the bachelor's tub. So far, so good. A few negatives here and there, but mostly positive conversation.

~~1-on-1 Romantic Kiss Dates~~

  1. Michelle = Accepted her first kiss!
  2. Kaylynn = Accepted
  3. Lauren = Accepted
Hm, Calista wanted to set Lauren up with a blind date, but of course that's not going to happen while she's still in the challenge.  
Kaylynn's already tried to get Beau to Woohoo in the hot tub 3 times. Seriously, Kaylynn, get a grip.

I'll tend to everybody's needs and then get them to bed.


This challenge will achieve its climax in the near future... it ends on Day 7.


Wednesday, May 23, 2012

The Bachelor Challenge V.1: Day 4: 2 Flirts, 3rd Elimination, Group Hot-Tub Date, 1-on-1 Date

Sorry for the nearly month long wait on the my next update; I had a lot of RL stuff that totally got in the way (namely school stuff) of any and all sim conquests.
Luckily, I'm back, so my first task at hand is to eventually finish posting the last few rounds of the Bachelor Challenge; after that, I'll shift back to the TOT Challenge. The PABACC Challenge will have to wait, unfortunately, but priorities are priorities.

Day 4:  Flirts, 3rd Elimination, Group Hot-Tub Date, 1-on-1 Date

I'm manually waking them to tend to their needs. Kaylynn's crying because she's in a red mood. Lauren's decided to play fetch with the Wolf Pack Leader named Balin in stormy weather at 4:36 PM. Smooth.

Almost everyone's at the table eating by 6:20 PM.

<3 2 Flirts Before 12:00 PM <3

The game's stepping up with 2 flirts instead of  just 1! Who will conquer Beau's simmy heart?

1. Maura = Charm, accepted; Suggestion, denied
2. Lauren = Hold Hands, accepted; Sweet Talk, accepted
3. Kaylynn = Caress, accepted; Hold Hands, accepted, best friends now
4. Michelle = Suggestion, accepted; Caress, accepted
5. Calista = Sweet Talk, accepted; Hold Hands, accepted, Beau has a crush on Calista now

***12:00 Elimination Time!***
Beau's Relationships
  1. Kaylynn = 167 *Friends, Mutual Crushes, Best Friends
  2. Lauren = 147 * Friends, Mutual Crushes
  3. Michelle = 143 *Friends, Mutual Crushes
  4.  Calista = 103 *Friends, Beau has a Crush
  5. Maura = 80 *She's the only without a friendship. :(
 Maura, the only candidate without a friendship, has been eliminated! What a shame; she had pretty genes. :/ I'll turn her into a townie if she cannot move out.... (Nope, she wasn't able to move out- a townie she will become, then!)

Anyway, moving on. Michelle and Lauren are really getting close now (they're almost BFs').
Everyone took a nap before the next date.

<3 Group Hot Tub Date <3 ~19:30-22:30
Order of entry- Winners
  1. Lauren
  2. Kaylynn
  3. Calista
Hm, Michelle was too busy eating to even compete. That means she'll be all alone- not that that matters; Michelle spends a lot of her lonesome free time in the hot tub anyways.

The hot tub date was quiet until Beau somehow lost his crush for Calista by conversation alone (I wasn't paying attention -_-). Poor Calista!

~~1-on-1 Share Interests Date~~
  1. Calista = positive
  2. Lauren = positive
  3. Kaylynn = positive
  4. Michelle = positive
Just noticed- Maura's stuck around. O.-

Beau autonomously kissed Lauren romantically in the living room. Her first kiss. :) This was without ACR, too, so it's a pretty special occasion.

Maura's STILL here and is watching a movie with Beau. Oh, now Beau's flirtatious advances are accepted by Maura (he charmed her autonomously). I guess she wants what she can't get (what an idiotic sim she is *tsk*).

Every sim by 3:46 AM is asleep, so I'll turn in too (in RL, it wasn't anywhere near 3:46 AM XD).


Yay! Only 4 more candidates to choose from. Who will Beau end up with? Let's find out... in the next few updates.


Wednesday, May 2, 2012

The Bachelor Challenge V.1: Day 3: 2nd Elimination, 1 Flirt, Group Hot Tub Date, 1-on-1 Chess Table Date

Welcome back to Pleasantview's Bachelor Challenge, starring Beau Broke, who is no longer broke, and his 6 potential vixens in their attempts to narrow down the love field to a single, final couple.

Day 3: 2nd Elimination, 1 Flirt, Group Hot Tub date, 1-on-1 Chess Table Date

<3 1 Flirt Before 12:00 PM <3
Everyone except for Beau was up at 7:40 AM, so I woke him up manually.

1. Calista = Charm, accepted
2. Ericka = Charm, accepted
3. Kaylynn = Goose, accepted
4. Lauren = Hold Hands, accepted, mutual crushes now
5. Maura = Suggestion, denied
6. Michelle = Hold Hands, accepted, mutual crushes now

Kaylynn's finally getting some competition here!

***12:00 Elimination Time!***
Beau's Relationships
  1. Kaylynn = 155 *Big surprise there (NOT). Friends and Mutual Crushes
  2. Lauren = 136 * Friends, Mutual Crushes
  3. Michelle = 131 *Friends, Mutual Crushes
  4.  Calista = 70
  5. Maura = 48
  6. Ericka = 42
In spite of my fervent wishes for the contrary, Ericka Jayapalan, the pretty, ginger NPC gardener, has been eliminated. The same glitch happened again so that I couldn't move her out, so I have no choice but to turn her into a townie. :(
She was one of the more quiet but beautiful sims, so that was disappointing. Maybe I'll reuse her in another round of the Bachelor Challenge (if I ever attempt it again, that is- though, I must admit that it's a pretty fun challenge).

<3 Hot Tub Date <3 ~15:20-18:20
Ugh, I forgot to make them start in the same spot (again).
Order of entry- Winners
  1. Kaylynn
  2. Maura
  3. Calista
Beau and Maura splashed each other, lowering their relationship. Kaylynn and Beau splashing on the other hand caused a huge boost. Same with losers Michelle and Lauren; they're already friends despite being competition, Lauren's a pretty depressed girl- she's in red mood and worries often.

~~Chess Date (1 hour each)~~
  1. Lauren = positive *She promptly went to bed.
  2. Maura = positive *She went to eat gelatin.
  3. Calista = a bit negative but  more positive *She went to bed.
  4. Michelle = positive *She grabbed some gelatin. Pattern, much? (bed, jello, bed, jello)
  5. Kaylynn = positive *She went to bed. Pattern has been confirmed. :)
This lasted until 12:05 AM; most were tired. 
Wait... Ericka's still around?? That's creepy... I'm not sure how to get rid of her (she's in her PJs in the girls' room).
Now she's eating my gelatin! >:(
I'm going to try exiting the household, then reloading it. Carmen's gone, so Ericka has to go too. Uh-oh; while I was fiddling with the Tombstone of L&D, I had spawned and added a Hula-Zombie as well as Kendal Lawson the baby-sitter to my house- they've disappeared from in-game, but the neighborhood screen still shows them (freaky glitches, huh?).
Oh good, Ericka's gone, at least. On to Day 4!

With Ericka's elimination, only 5 candidates are left for Beau. Who will survive the next elimination? Check back and see on Day #4... :) 

The Bachelor Challenge V.1: Day 2: 1st Elimination, Group Hot Tub Date, 1-on-1 Dates

I did say I would post the next day promptly, and thus I shall...

Day 2: 1st Elimination, Group Hot Tub Date, 1-on-1 Dates

5 girls woke at 6:00 AM, but Kaylynn and Calista are still snoozing. I woke Beau up on purpose so that the girls besides Kaylynn still have a chance. I'm going the rest of the challenge without ACR so it's more fair (I mean, seriously, Kaylynn POUNCED BEAU ON THE FIRST FREAKING DAY!!! @_o).

Right now, everyone's up and socializing except for Kaylynn, so the others have a chance (not much of one, though... she's a total cougar, even when she's snoring the morning away). Beau had just made friends with Lauren, his only other friend in the house beside Kaylynn (don't forget, Lauren was a supposedly very pretty, doe-eyed sim, so let's hope she can rival Kaylynn). 

Kaylynn's awake, finally. Surprisingly, all of the sims had managed to congregate into the living/ dining room.

***12:00 Elimination Time!***
Beau's Relationships
  1. Kaylynn = 145 *Friends and Mutual Crushes
  2. Michelle = 102 *Surprising, because they're not friends
  3. Lauren = 96 *Friends
  4. Calista = 54
  5. Maura = 43
  6. Ericka = 24
  7. Carmen = 21 *Not surprising- she's hideous (uglier than Sandy Bruty!!!), so I just had to give her a ninja mask.
Well, the choice is obvious... Carmen Patch, the ugliest sim in the challenge, was eliminated for her low relationship score with Beau. I'm going to move her out and probably turn her back into an NPC/ townie or kill her.

(Some time after the elimination...) For once, everybody is at the table eating. Hopefully that'll raise stats.

Hm, a weird glitch didn't let me move Carmen out, so I used Sim Blender to change her into a DownTownie.

<3 Hot-Tub Date <3 ~16:30-19:30

Everyone scrambled at the same time (in case you didn't read the rules, the girls are supposed to race to see who gets to hot-tub with the Bachelor- there are only 3 positions, so hot-tubbing obviously has very exclusive seating), but since they weren't in the same starting position, I suppose it wasn't fair (I'll do that next time).

Order of entry- Winners
  1.  Maura
  2. Michelle
  3. Lauren
The others had to go to the other tub. Their tub was full of splashing, with both relation boosts and fallacies. The winner tub was quieter and had mostly positive conversations.

~~1-on-1 Chat Date~~ 
  1. Michelle = + for both about BFFs and Missiles (?? Do I sense a violent relationship?)
  2. Lauren = + for both about stormy weather
  3. Kaylynn = + for Beau about daisies
  4. Calista = + for Beau about club membership, - for Calista about sumo wrestlers (?? Where do these sims come up with these random topics?)
  5. Maura = - for Beau about sight-reading charts
  6. Ericka = + for both about school, + for Ericka about kissing
(If you totally didn't understand that about the + and the -, those signs refer to relationship gains or losses between Beau and the chosen girl during their single, mandatory chat.)


With Day 2 over, we now have 1 elimination and only 6 girls left for the handsome bachelor named Beau Broke (who, as I have previously mentioned, is no longer Broke). Who will be the lucky gal? Will it be Kaylynn Langerak, who was Beau's first choice by ACR and still has the highest relations with him, Michelle Kerney, who has the second best relationship with him, Maura Simpson, who won the hot-tub date and has relatively attractive features, Calista Despret, who is desperate for some loving, Lauren Reeves, a stunningly Bambi-faced chick, or will it be the luckless Ericka Jayapalan, a beautiful sim who unfortunately has the lowest relationship score with Beau? Find out in the the next update with Day 3. :)  

The Bachelor Challenge V.1: Day 1: Meet 'n' Greet

Welcome back to my summarizing narrative of the Bachelor Challenge! This post and any subsequent posts will probably be nearly word for word in terms of what I had painstakingly recorded way back in 2010, so I apologize for sounding like a complete floozy/ knuckle-head/ knuckle-headed floozy.  The stuff in the parentheses are my own retrospective notes of shame for having written such a flippin' bubbleheaded monologue.

Well, let's begin.

Day 1: Meet and Greet

Everything's gone pretty well. I'm not recording the relations on this day. Beau <3-farted Kaylynn even though his turn-ons are brown hair and make-up. I gave everyone a make-over to improve their looks, but I forgot to give everyone make-up... Does that matter in terms of chemistry? Oh, well. I'll just do that for now.

Kaylynn and Beau already flirted via wolf-whistle because of ACR! :3 
She's going to be real competition for the other girls. Kaylynn's done another flirt (lol, I can't believe I wrote that down- I guess that just shows that I'm obsessed with detail), this time a charm, so the others had better step up!
The first day, and Kaylynn's made out with Beau already! :P
They're flirting, kissing, and playing... etc. ... wow;  they've become friends, and Beau has a crush on Kaylynn. They even nearly woohooed, but I x-ed that out- not until the last day! Since then, I've locked the door to the only room with a double bed. The women have to sleep in a small shack establishment outside (I know, totally cruel, but totally worth it...).

The girls seem to be getting along fine, but Beau's spending the most time with Kaylynn. Michelle spent the whole day hot-tubbing alone and her temperature is red-hot, so I have to cool her down. Maura Simpson was the first sim to go to sleep; I put Beau to sleep for a short while, but besides those two, no one else has slept.

(Some time later...) Lauren finally went to bed. 
AGH! I didn't watch Beau for a measly 3 minutes (but I suppose that's 3 sim hours, so you do the math on whether or not that was a long time), and now he and Kaylynn are making out in the hot tub. ACR is nice and all, but seriously?! Crazy glitches occurred, however, since Beau's a teen and smaller than an adult (i.e. instead of kissing Kaylynn's face, he ends up awkwardly groping the air in front of Kaylynn's neck with his mouth).

A bunch of other girls have gone to sleep now.

(Some more time later...) KAYLYNN AND BEAU WOOHOOED!!!!!!!!!!! (aw, man, this is really starting to get voyeuristic/ tabloid-worthy) It's only Day 1, for crying out loud! 
I'll keep ACR in for the rest of the challenge, but next time (if there is a next time) I'm going without ACR.

Every girl except for Kaylynn's in bed now, and Kaylynn's energy is in red- I'll turn her in now.


And so ends Day 1 of my 1st attempt of the Bachelor Challenge V1. I will promptly post Day 2.

For the official challenge rules, please click here: