Wednesday, May 2, 2012

The Bachelor Challenge V.1: Day 1: Meet 'n' Greet

Welcome back to my summarizing narrative of the Bachelor Challenge! This post and any subsequent posts will probably be nearly word for word in terms of what I had painstakingly recorded way back in 2010, so I apologize for sounding like a complete floozy/ knuckle-head/ knuckle-headed floozy.  The stuff in the parentheses are my own retrospective notes of shame for having written such a flippin' bubbleheaded monologue.

Well, let's begin.

Day 1: Meet and Greet

Everything's gone pretty well. I'm not recording the relations on this day. Beau <3-farted Kaylynn even though his turn-ons are brown hair and make-up. I gave everyone a make-over to improve their looks, but I forgot to give everyone make-up... Does that matter in terms of chemistry? Oh, well. I'll just do that for now.

Kaylynn and Beau already flirted via wolf-whistle because of ACR! :3 
She's going to be real competition for the other girls. Kaylynn's done another flirt (lol, I can't believe I wrote that down- I guess that just shows that I'm obsessed with detail), this time a charm, so the others had better step up!
The first day, and Kaylynn's made out with Beau already! :P
They're flirting, kissing, and playing... etc. ... wow;  they've become friends, and Beau has a crush on Kaylynn. They even nearly woohooed, but I x-ed that out- not until the last day! Since then, I've locked the door to the only room with a double bed. The women have to sleep in a small shack establishment outside (I know, totally cruel, but totally worth it...).

The girls seem to be getting along fine, but Beau's spending the most time with Kaylynn. Michelle spent the whole day hot-tubbing alone and her temperature is red-hot, so I have to cool her down. Maura Simpson was the first sim to go to sleep; I put Beau to sleep for a short while, but besides those two, no one else has slept.

(Some time later...) Lauren finally went to bed. 
AGH! I didn't watch Beau for a measly 3 minutes (but I suppose that's 3 sim hours, so you do the math on whether or not that was a long time), and now he and Kaylynn are making out in the hot tub. ACR is nice and all, but seriously?! Crazy glitches occurred, however, since Beau's a teen and smaller than an adult (i.e. instead of kissing Kaylynn's face, he ends up awkwardly groping the air in front of Kaylynn's neck with his mouth).

A bunch of other girls have gone to sleep now.

(Some more time later...) KAYLYNN AND BEAU WOOHOOED!!!!!!!!!!! (aw, man, this is really starting to get voyeuristic/ tabloid-worthy) It's only Day 1, for crying out loud! 
I'll keep ACR in for the rest of the challenge, but next time (if there is a next time) I'm going without ACR.

Every girl except for Kaylynn's in bed now, and Kaylynn's energy is in red- I'll turn her in now.


And so ends Day 1 of my 1st attempt of the Bachelor Challenge V1. I will promptly post Day 2.

For the official challenge rules, please click here:

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