Monday, April 30, 2012

The Bachelor Challenge V.1: Meet the Characters

Hey y'all! :3

Anyway, I'm putting off uploading the Ens' of Round 2 because I need to try to cut down the picture count (I started with 85 pictures, and now I only have 60-ish, but that's still way more than I had hoped for)... so I'm bringing you a different record of a different challenge. Like the Try to Survive Challenge, I completed this challenge a long time ago, so there aren't any pictures...

I began this challenge on August 1st, 2010, so it's pretty special since it's from a fragment of my simming past.  The Bachelor Challenge was probably the first challenge I've ever completed; too bad the game eventually glitched up for some reason.




Pleasantview: Bachelor Challenge V.1 08/01/2010

Welcome to the Bachelor Challenge! Set in Pleasantview, this challenge solely used pre-made characters and NPCS (but mostly NPCS).

Let me introduce the characters: 

  • The Bachelor: Beau Broke, Teen, Male, Family, Blond Hair, Blue Eyes, Gemini, Light Skin
    • Beau Broke grew up into a pretty handsome fellow. I had Inteenimator, so Beau was a legitimate candidate. Obviously, I was trying to pair him up with a suitable mate, so I thought, "What the hay! I may as well have some fun with a challenge at the same time." Thus, I began the Bachelor Challenge with Beau as the leading star.
  • I summoned the suitors using the boolprop Tombstone of L&D, and I started off with $277,000 for Beau (I know, he's no longer Broke, eh?). I used a pre-made house to limit the amount of setup the challenge needed. Since I used the Tombstone and I was randomly drawing suitors by their names, some faces surprised me... Let's go meet them!
  • The 7 Suitors (In order of their summoning):
    • 1. Kaylynn Langerak, Adult, Female, Family, Black Hair, Green Eyes, Aquarius, Medium-Light Skin
      • As many of you long time simmers might very well know, Kaylynn Langerak is a pretty but salacious NPC maid who is already romantically involved with Daniel Pleasant and Don Lothario in the beginning of Pleasantview's start-up. I guess we're just adding yet another man (or boy) to the brew.
    • 2. Carmen Patch, Adult, Female, Knowledge, Black Hair, Green Eyes, Pisces, Light Skin
      • Sorry to say, but Carmen was a terribly ugly NPC exterminator with a wide, flat nose and fat, flabby lips. Her only redeeming features were her pretty green eyes, but she was still so horrible to look at that I made her wear a ninja mask for the duration of the challenge. XD 
    • 3. Michelle Kerney, Teen, Female, Knowledge, Brown Hair, Green Eyes, Sagittarius, Dark Skin
      • Michelle was an okay-looking NPC cashier; her best features were her eyes and nose.
    • 4. Maura Simpson, Adult, Female, Family, Red Hair, Green Eyes, Cancer, Medium-Dark Skin
      • Maura Simpson (lol, the Simpsons!) was a pretty NPC firefighter; I liked her face overall, but her nose was kind of hooked in a peculiar manner.
    • 5. Calista Despret, Adult, Female, Family, Black Hair, Gray Eyes, Cancer, Light Skin
      • Calista was an ugly or odd-looking NPC gardener; unfortunately, her lips were way too wide, protruding, and fat for my liking. Notice that her last name sounds like Desperate... ;) 'Cuz she's Despret for a boyfriend, lol.
    • 6. Lauren Reeves, Adult, Female, Family, Black Hair, Brown Eyes, Cancer, Light Skin
      • Lauren was a stunning NPC pizza delivery person. Her beautiful features made her look positively doe-eyed.
    • 7. Ericka Jayapalan, Adult, Female, Romance, Red Hair, Brown Eyes, Taurus, Medium-Light Skin
      • A pretty NPC gardener, Ericka had a beautiful face. Not much else to say about her.
  With all of the players introduced, please tune in for the challenge results next time. Uncharacteristically, I'm actually going to make a second post instead of jumbling everything into one giant post. Until next time!

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