Wednesday, April 4, 2012

TOT Neanderthal Round 2: The Dars (precursor and explanatory)

After yet another LOOOOOOONNNNNNNNNNGGGGGGGGGG hiatus, I bring to you The Dars in Round 2 of the Test of Time Challenge.

Now, this post may seem a little strange. Why, you ask? Well, I've been having a lot of trouble with differentiating amongst the colors in my current default set of eyes.

No, I'm not colorblind.

It just so happens that the colors look extremely similar in-game so that I keep mixing up who has what color of eyes. For instance, see this post.

Because it's become such a problem, I decided to search for a new default eye set...

My original set is SugarandCaffeine's @ MTS2. I really love how they look in-game (simple yet clear), but the color similarity is driving me nuts...

I tried Yumedust's eyes, and those look pretty good up close but horrible from faraway because you can't see the sclera at all, which just makes the eye look dark and lackluster.

The default colors that I used for Yumedust were:
Gray~ silver
Brown~ amber
Green~ chartreuse
Light Blue~ cerulean
Dark Blue~ starry

In this round, the Dars display Yumedust's eyes... to be honest, I was really disappointed and hated them in-game (some might disagree with me, but that's just my own opinion).

Right after I finished playing the Dars, I took out Yumedust's defaults and replaced them with Shady's Sparkling Defaults... They were pretty much the same as Yumedust's so I didn't like them at all in-game, but they were fine up close.

The comparison photos (in Bodyshop):

~SugarandCaffeine~ Closeup

~Yumedust~ Closeup

~Shady's Sparkling~ Closeup

  Of the closeups, I liked Shady's the best because of the realism. Not a big fan of Yumedust's because they were so dark...

 Now, for the faraway shots.

~SugarandCaffeine~ Faraway

~Yumedust~ Faraway

~Shady's Sparkling~ Faraway

Even though SugarandCaffeine's defaults are far from realistic, I still enjoyed them the most because the lighting was the brightest so that you can kind of tell what color eyes the sim has. Yumedust and Shady's are too dark to properly enjoy from faraway and under normal gaming circumstances (I'm not going to be getting closeup shots every single time, so SugarandCaffeine is still my favorite).

If anyone has a cool default eye to share, PLEASE let me know; I'm willing to try it out.

A preview of the coming Dar post: 

This is what Yumedust's eyes look like on Tung Dar; they're pretty nice to look at, but they're a bit dark overall.

Compare those to his normal appearance.

 I'm going to upload the actual Dar post right after this one, so please tune in to see the big difference between Yumedust and SugarandCaffeine... (as you know, I prefer SugarandCaffeine).


  1. Do you not have a sink? Let the poor things drink water.

    And I'm sorry, but all those eyes? Look exactly the same to me. I think you're straining at gnats and swallowing camels.

    1. Lol, I would take them to the watering hole, but those crazy sims keep keeling over with sleep deprivation. If only they could sleep and drink at the same time... :P

      The eyes don't look so bad in the pictures, but they feel completely unique to each other in-game. Thanks for the input, though; it's nice to get feedback.