Tuesday, January 17, 2012

TOT Neanderthal Round 1: The Dars

Greetings! We return to the tiny Isle of Tartar (like Tartar sauce :"3 ).

Meet the Dars, my first Skin 4 couple. Clearly, they're in looooveeee... :P

Tung Dar (Gen 1)
Black hair
Dark blue eyes
Skin 4

Mila Dar (Gen 1)

Brown hair
Brown eyes
Skin 4

Ignore that blue outline near Mila's jawline; one of my necklace CC is malfunctioning.

More importantly, I decided to distinguish this family from all the rest by giving the Dar a special "trademark"; all teenagers and up will have a bone nose piercing, for that extra edgy "caveman" look.
It's all the rage. XD

Looks like they're all set to start a family. :)


After their *ahem* recovery, the new couple starts caring for their worldly affairs (little as they may be). Mila takes over the fishing...

...While Tung takes care of the new garden.

The Welcomers have arrived!!! 
Pictured above are a relatively happy-looking Haaru Bal and Ran Cor. Ran Cor is currently pregnant with her husband's second (and perhaps third) child(ren).

Oh, look! Here's Ran's husband now, looking none too happy for some reason...
*tuts* That's no way to greet a new family! :<

Lol, no wonder Ipshad's unhappy. Apparently, Haaru flirted with Ipshad's wife (too bad I missed that Kodak moment). Well, at least I got this slap-happy shot.

I like Haaru's smile. It's positively inappropriate. =D

Haaru tries to make another move on Ran. Kind of foolhardy, Haaru.

Oohhh, burn. Looks like Ran didn't like that move too much.
Haaru deserved it, though- he's a family wrecker and a cheater, too (if you'll recall, Haaru's married and has a son).


Suck it up, sucker. >:D

Rubbing it in, much? XD
All this while, Tung and Mila have stayed mostly uninvolved in the visitors' *ahem* little affair. Good for them. :)

Ran and Mila have a little heart to heart, girls only.
Mila: You should, like, try to meet some new people. That guy was sooo, like, Prehistory.
Ran: Like, totally, right?

They have no idea about how "Prehistory" he really is... 8D


Tung: Yay! I caught a fish! Go me, go me, it's my birthday, oh yeah!!!

Mila! Stop gawking at other men, no matter how handsome or bare-chested they may be!!! >:(
Okay, that kind of didn't come out right. :P

Mila prepares Tung's fish for lunch (or dinner, or linner, or dunch...).

Mila: Erm... Do I get an A for effort?

NO. You get a BIG FAT E.  >_>


Morning sickness at night. Who knew?

Mila just received her first bump. A baby (or babies) is surely on the way!

With Mila expecting, Tung takes over most of the duties. This, of course, entails cooking.

Tung gets an A!!! Eat that, Mila! :3

Not only can he cook, but he can CLEAN as well. Tung makes a great house hubbie.
Notice how Mila's snoozing the day away... I do love Tung. He's so understanding.


Mila gets her second baby bump in the middle of the night.
Again, ignore the blue object around her neck; it's supposed to be her necklace, but the color isn't working correctly.

Tung gets his first fishing badge. Way to go!

It's a rare sight to actually see Mila do some work around here.
She finally came out of her pregnancy-induced coma to garden in the dead of night.

Of course, even that activity proved to be too strenous for Mila. Tung takes pity on his wife and gives her a massage.

He stays up all night cleaning, too.
What does that man see in her? O_o

Oh, I see...

Mila finally receives her 3rd bump, triggering the final trimester of her pregnancy.

Looks like Mila is a natural at fishing. Despite her incredibly pregnant state, I tried to put her to some use.


In spite of being weighed down with practically all of the responsibilities and work, Tung manages to find some time for a social life. Ipshad and Tung have kept up a good friendship for the time being.

Mila's cooking has improved over time. I guess motherhood would do that, huh?

Worried about getting too soft in the stomach, Tung jumps with a piece of rope he made from the tomato plant fibers (LOL how creative of me!).

The baby (or babies) finally decide(s) to torture Mila with childbirth.

After giving birth to a little boy, she promptly puts him down. Whatever could this mean? *cue drumroll*

>.< ..............WHY, IT'S TWINS!!!!!!!!!
Her second child is also a son.

For now, this upsets the gender balance. The previous 3 families have given birth to 2 boys and 2 girls total, so with twin boys in the Dar family, the number of boys rises to 4. Hopefully, the next family will give me at least 1 girl.

I've also never had much luck with getting natural twins, so this is a genuine surprise. I don't have any twin cheats or hacks right now, so all of these twins are completely natural. This is already the 2nd set of twins in the neighborhood, and it's only Round 1.

Way to go, Tung. You're Father of the Year, sleeping in while your first two children were being brought into the world.

Y U NO WATCH BIRTH?!?!??! [insert rage face here]

The firstborn is named Tukk (black hair, dark blue eyes, skin 4). His coloring is identical to his father's, so I gave Tukk a "Tu-" name to go with his father's name, Tung.

Without Tung's help, Mila decides to name her younger son Tiim (brown hair, brown eyes, skin 4). Tiim has a much better picture than Tukk, above. Notice that Tiim has identical coloring to his mother, so that explains why he's named "Ti-" (Mila has an "i").

Right now, I think I like Tiim a little bit better. Picture-wise, he just looks sweeter.

Tung finally gets off of his lazy behind and cuddles one of his sons for the very first time.

Her duty done, Mila immediately hands the babies over to Tung and heads for the bed, taking a much needed rest.

One of the twins in his new bed. From a far distance, Tukk and Tiim (that really has a nice ring to it :3 ), look pretty similar.

Here's a picture of Tung and Tiim. Very sweet, very nice.

Mila changes the twins' first diapers.


Finally finding some peace and quiet, Tung and Mila Woohoo on their rocky loveseat (ACR).

Since there were no baby chimes, they repeat their actions on the double bed.

The babies in their little cribs. I think the one on the left is getting ready to bawl.


Mila occasionally receives phone calls from her friend, Ran Cor (the pregnant one).

Mila starts contributing around the lot again; she picks and sells the first harvest.

After fishing for a few hours in the bright sun, Tung catches a sunburn and collapses indoors.

As quickly as possible, Mila douses him with some water.

Miraculously, Tung awakens from his sun-induced coma, and I direct him to get a drink of water ASAP.


Ever since the twins were born, the house has been getting messier and messier.

See what I mean? Messier and messier.
I'm just surprised they haven't died by flies yet.

Mila gains a bronze fishing badge.

She also realizes that she's down with the morning sickness. It took at least 4 tries for her to finally get pregnant.

The babies are stinking up the air. :(

Mila confirms her pregnancy when her belly magically pops up like some perverted popcorn.

To complicate matters, the sink decides to break then and there. By morning, the water has spread all over their kitchen floor.

And Mila's hungry, too. Could things get worse? (I know, never ask that or it will, but still)

Surprisingly so, it doesn't! Ipshad catches a pretty big bass, leading me to devise a cunning plan to obtain that giant morsel (it's pretty much cheating, but at this point I don't care) ...

Poor Mila, she's languishing from starvation.

Mila: Just take me now!!!

Mila expresses that, not only is she starving, she is also suffering from lack of sleep. I bet her environment rating is incredibly low as well; there are baby bottles all over the floor, and the sink's been leaking for over 6 hours.

With the help of the Sim Blender, I make Ipshad selectable and raid his store of stocked fish. :3 Deliberate cheating, I know, but I didn't want the Dars to die of hunger...

Both have been saved by Ipshad's mad fishing skills. :3

Exhaustion takes its toll on Mila.

Tung, now able to focus without crying of hunger every 3 seconds, joins Ipshad on a fishing trip.

You said it, Ipshad. Definitely a pigpen in here.

Oh, look! Tiim grows up into a toddler.

Followed by Tukk- I really wish Tukk grew up first since Tukk is the firstborn, but I guess it's not much of a discrepancy.

Oh, great. They just had to make the stove/ trash disposal combust into flames, didn't they?

It's up to their futuristic equipment to save the day!

I think it was really foolish of Maxis to cap the number of sims who can use a fire extinguisher at a time; Mila automatically stopped when Tung started using one as well...

Meanwhile, Tukk gets cranky from his rashy diaper.

Of course, that means that Tiim has to start up as well.

Twin toddlers are a pain in the @$$...

Aww, look at them huggle. I guess they're not that bad after all. Sometimes. ._.

Amidst all of the chaos, Mila's pregnancy unexpectedly (well, not that unexpected) progresses.

Notice the screaming tots and their dirty diapers in the background...

By the end of this round, Tung has gained both a bronze fishing and gardening badge; Mila only has a fishing badge.

Until next time!



    Ahem. Um. Excuse me, didn't mean to bust your eardrums. But seriously, where did you get that mammoth? It is essential to my future existence.

    1. Lol! The Mammoth's from modthesims.info. Check out their "Simstones" Set; it's superb!

      The mammoth is a fully functioning shower, so it's even better than decoration. Plus, your sims can gain cleaning skills by cleaning up after the mammoth. :)