Monday, April 29, 2013

Breaking Hiatus (actually, broke gaming hiatus ages ago...)

Hi, all! For anyone who happens on this site, I just wanted to let you know that I'm still alive and breathing. :P

I wasn't able to keep to my vow of gaming chastity for longer than a month, unfortunately, so I totally failed in my goal to give up gaming for a year. I guess I just love it too much (or I'm obsessed, or I have an addiction, or I'm just way too easily distracted, or etc....) However, my studies turned out pretty well for first semester, and I just reached an academic milestone in my career as a student this year and am fast approaching a new one. Yay~!

However, I haven't touched my challenge neighborhoods (that is, the TOT and PABACC challenges) ever since my current blogging hiatus began. That means that there are no new updates for now. I probably won't update my challenges until after May if not even later. Sorry for the hold-up.

Thank you for viewing my site! Happy simming, people!


Sunday, August 26, 2012

Hiatus for RL Studies :(

Hello to anyone who happens upon this blog,

I know I haven't posted since early summer, creating an indefinite hiatus (it was very difficult to do posts with school in the way); however, this time I am announcing a scheduled hiatus that will last until May or June 2013.

I'm really sorry if I've disappointed or disgruntled anyone, but my goal is to shelve Sims 2 and all my other video games (which are plentifully stuffing up my PC) so that I can focus on studies for real this year. Last year I ended up procrastinating on a lot of my projects because of gaming obsession and causing myself a lot of grief, so I'm forcing myself to give up video games for nearly a whole year. :(

Again, I really need to study hard this year and get top marks. After school ends next year (May or June of 2013), I'll try my best to start posting again during the summer.

To everyone who reads this post, thank you for reading my simming blog!


Saturday, May 26, 2012

The Bachelor Challenge V.1: Day 5: 3 Flirts, 4th Elimination, Group Hot Tub Date, 1-on-1 Romantic Kisses

Day 5: 3 Flirts, 4th Elimination, Group Hot Tub Date, 1-on-1 Romantic Kisses

Only 3 sim days left in the challenge! To get rid of the Hula Zombie and the nanny (dude, my lot glitched up :/), I'm going to move the whole household out, then back in. I'll then see if they can move out in-game. 

Sadly, I deleted all of their stuff in the process- oh well, un-bugging is hard. Right after move-in, Beau fell in love with Kaylynn- will there be any chance for the others?

<3 3 Flirts Before 12:00 PM <3 
  1. Calista = Hit On, accepted, Hold Hands, accepted, Caress, accepted
  2. Michelle = Goose, accepted, Caress, accepted, Hold Hands, accepted
  3. Lauren = Goose, accepted, Caress, accepted, Hold Hands, accepted
  4. Kaylynn = Sweet Talk, accepted, Suggestion, accepted, Goose, accepted
 Calista and Beau are now mutual crushes.
Michelle and Beau are best friends.
Just as Beau was finishing with Kaylynn, Michelle butted in and hugged Beau romantically. I thought Kaylynn would be jealous, but I guess not. Weird, huh?

I only opened up the buffet when almost everyone is hungry, and most everyone went to get food.
 Calista was left out of the conversation because she came last, leaving her on the sofa. I only placed 4 chairs and a round table, so better luck next time (sitting with the Bachelor is like playing musical chairs). 

***12:00 Elimination Time!***
  1. Kaylynn = 177
  2. Lauren = 160
  3. Michelle = 155 Beau has 2 chemistry bolts with her.
  4. Calista = 141
Calista is eliminated, which isn't surprising. Everyone is friends and mutual crush with Beau. Only Kaylynn has love with Beau, and only Calista wasn't Beau's best friend.
Bye-bye, Calista!   

Ugh, Calista still can't move out (darn these glitches!)... Townie time, then.
 She's still here, but when I save, back out, and then reload, Calista will be "Hasta La Vista".

 Everybody's doing their own thing- time to move onto the next event. 

<3 Group Hot Tub Date <3 ~15:00-18:00

No need  to record order of entry; all of the girls fit into the bachelor's tub. So far, so good. A few negatives here and there, but mostly positive conversation.

~~1-on-1 Romantic Kiss Dates~~

  1. Michelle = Accepted her first kiss!
  2. Kaylynn = Accepted
  3. Lauren = Accepted
Hm, Calista wanted to set Lauren up with a blind date, but of course that's not going to happen while she's still in the challenge.  
Kaylynn's already tried to get Beau to Woohoo in the hot tub 3 times. Seriously, Kaylynn, get a grip.

I'll tend to everybody's needs and then get them to bed.


This challenge will achieve its climax in the near future... it ends on Day 7.


Wednesday, May 23, 2012

The Bachelor Challenge V.1: Day 4: 2 Flirts, 3rd Elimination, Group Hot-Tub Date, 1-on-1 Date

Sorry for the nearly month long wait on the my next update; I had a lot of RL stuff that totally got in the way (namely school stuff) of any and all sim conquests.
Luckily, I'm back, so my first task at hand is to eventually finish posting the last few rounds of the Bachelor Challenge; after that, I'll shift back to the TOT Challenge. The PABACC Challenge will have to wait, unfortunately, but priorities are priorities.

Day 4:  Flirts, 3rd Elimination, Group Hot-Tub Date, 1-on-1 Date

I'm manually waking them to tend to their needs. Kaylynn's crying because she's in a red mood. Lauren's decided to play fetch with the Wolf Pack Leader named Balin in stormy weather at 4:36 PM. Smooth.

Almost everyone's at the table eating by 6:20 PM.

<3 2 Flirts Before 12:00 PM <3

The game's stepping up with 2 flirts instead of  just 1! Who will conquer Beau's simmy heart?

1. Maura = Charm, accepted; Suggestion, denied
2. Lauren = Hold Hands, accepted; Sweet Talk, accepted
3. Kaylynn = Caress, accepted; Hold Hands, accepted, best friends now
4. Michelle = Suggestion, accepted; Caress, accepted
5. Calista = Sweet Talk, accepted; Hold Hands, accepted, Beau has a crush on Calista now

***12:00 Elimination Time!***
Beau's Relationships
  1. Kaylynn = 167 *Friends, Mutual Crushes, Best Friends
  2. Lauren = 147 * Friends, Mutual Crushes
  3. Michelle = 143 *Friends, Mutual Crushes
  4.  Calista = 103 *Friends, Beau has a Crush
  5. Maura = 80 *She's the only without a friendship. :(
 Maura, the only candidate without a friendship, has been eliminated! What a shame; she had pretty genes. :/ I'll turn her into a townie if she cannot move out.... (Nope, she wasn't able to move out- a townie she will become, then!)

Anyway, moving on. Michelle and Lauren are really getting close now (they're almost BFs').
Everyone took a nap before the next date.

<3 Group Hot Tub Date <3 ~19:30-22:30
Order of entry- Winners
  1. Lauren
  2. Kaylynn
  3. Calista
Hm, Michelle was too busy eating to even compete. That means she'll be all alone- not that that matters; Michelle spends a lot of her lonesome free time in the hot tub anyways.

The hot tub date was quiet until Beau somehow lost his crush for Calista by conversation alone (I wasn't paying attention -_-). Poor Calista!

~~1-on-1 Share Interests Date~~
  1. Calista = positive
  2. Lauren = positive
  3. Kaylynn = positive
  4. Michelle = positive
Just noticed- Maura's stuck around. O.-

Beau autonomously kissed Lauren romantically in the living room. Her first kiss. :) This was without ACR, too, so it's a pretty special occasion.

Maura's STILL here and is watching a movie with Beau. Oh, now Beau's flirtatious advances are accepted by Maura (he charmed her autonomously). I guess she wants what she can't get (what an idiotic sim she is *tsk*).

Every sim by 3:46 AM is asleep, so I'll turn in too (in RL, it wasn't anywhere near 3:46 AM XD).


Yay! Only 4 more candidates to choose from. Who will Beau end up with? Let's find out... in the next few updates.