Sunday, August 26, 2012

Hiatus for RL Studies :(

Hello to anyone who happens upon this blog,

I know I haven't posted since early summer, creating an indefinite hiatus (it was very difficult to do posts with school in the way); however, this time I am announcing a scheduled hiatus that will last until May or June 2013.

I'm really sorry if I've disappointed or disgruntled anyone, but my goal is to shelve Sims 2 and all my other video games (which are plentifully stuffing up my PC) so that I can focus on studies for real this year. Last year I ended up procrastinating on a lot of my projects because of gaming obsession and causing myself a lot of grief, so I'm forcing myself to give up video games for nearly a whole year. :(

Again, I really need to study hard this year and get top marks. After school ends next year (May or June of 2013), I'll try my best to start posting again during the summer.

To everyone who reads this post, thank you for reading my simming blog!


1 comment:

  1. Good luck on that project! It's important to balance work and recreation; if one form of recreation crowds out other forms, and work, going cold turkey may be the only way.

    It means you'll have to walk away from sims2 related sites, too.

    I suggest you give your disks to someone you trust to hold till the target date. Get temptation as far away as possible. Disconnecting from the internet is tougher, though.