Sunday, January 15, 2012

TOT Neanderthal Round 1: The Cors

Say hello to the Cors, the next family on the list. As the only hybrid skinned family so far, they are definitely unique.

I'm still trying to figure out a layout scheme, so sorry if every single post seems completely different from the previous few.

Interestingly enough, I started this round on Christmas Day 2011. :P

Ipshad Cor (Gen 1)

Red hair
Gray eyes
Skin 1

Ran Cor (Gen 1)

Black hair
Green eyes
Skin 4

With ACR around, the Cors need little encouragement to get started. XP


Before they start a family however, Ran and Ipshad agree to tend to their menial duties.
Ran lays the first foundations for their tiny garden (2 plots of soil and 3 fruit trees).

Since Ran is taking care of their garden, Ipshad decides to fish for their lunch.

Fittingly, the poor little n00b catches a boot on his first try.
Boots didn't even exist in the Pre-Historic Ages. EPIC FAIL. :P

The welcome wagon (from left to right: Zanzibar Ash- red haired and bearded, Cree Bal- hiding behind Zanzibar, and Haaru Bal- brunette) arrives just as Ran decides to take a stab at fishing.
Ipshad simply looks relieved to be excused from that ignominious form of torture.

Ran catches a nice, flailing bass right on the spot...

... Followed by a big, tantalizingly gross delicious catfish. 
Proof that WOMEN RULE. XD

In celebration of her fishing victories, Ran prepares their first meal.
It's bass, of course. When isn't it? XD


Ipshad: Now, where were we? :3

The happy couple consummate their marriage for the first time, bla bla bla, etc., you get the point.


Later that night, Ipshad attempts to salvage his manly pride and tries to fish again.
Haaru, who already has a bronze fishing badge, tries to help him out. They eventually become friends. Somehow.

I like how they're talking about skiiing, which hasn't even been invented yet. :D

Thanks to Haaru, Ipshad finally manages to catch a fish (finally)!


Ran enjoys a quiet moment to herself by resting peacefully on a hammock...

... Not for long, though. Ipshad butts in and quickly turns the hammock into a spinning cocoon of LOVE.

Ipshad: Cowabunga, dudes! *dives in head first*


The next day is a significant one. Ipshad earns his first fishing badge with constant practice.

Meanwhile, Ran groans in pain as she discovers her confounded pregnancy (Mwahahaha, it's all in the plan).

Ran: Ouch, that was my spleen! D:
Ipshad: Oh, Ran, let's do some WooHoo! There's no way you'll get pregnant or anything. :3

There are definitely some gender discrepancies here. As I said before, the Stone Ages sure sucked (but I'm sure it's like that now, too).


Having recovered from her brief stomach illness, Ran returns to the fishing arena and catches a very nice catfish.

Her mate, on the other hand, is not so lucky and catches another boot.


Ran finally starts showing her brand new baby bump. She doesn't seem to be too concerned.

After learning of Ran's pregnancy, Ipshad takes on more responsibilities and, in addition to his fishing duty, begins to tend to the garden more.


Ran's belly just keeps on growing and growing...

Something looks distinctly ominous about this picture... Just kidding.
Despite being enormously heavy with child, Ran manages to catch some fireflies and takes them indoors.

A nice centerpiece to go with the Neanderthal theme. Now, if I could only find some replacement chairs and maternity apparel.


Ipshad takes a tender moment to say hello to their little baby (or babies).
Ran's already had her 3rd trimester growth, so this is the morning of the birth.

Neighbors Ipshad and Zanzibar greet each other with a high five. By now, Ipshad has befriended both Haaru and Zanzibar.


Unfortunately, I didn't get a good shot of the birth, so all I have is a fairly boring picture of Ran and her new daughter, Rangu (black hair, green eyes, Skin 3). Rangu seems to take after her mother, but her facial and personality features have yet to tell.

Ran quickly hands the baby over to Ipshad. Ipshad performs the first diaper change, so he has the potential to be a very caring father.

After putting Rangu to sleep, Ipshad lies on a hammock and spends the rest of his night contemplating his direction in life.
Of course, he has no say in what he can or cannot do, seeing as he's stuck in my Prehistoric Challenge. >:D


The couple holds hands throughout the slumbering morning. Very sweet. :3

A phone call from the elusive Cree interrupts the quiet morning of the Cor household, forcing all of its inhabitants to wake up and smell the tar (the Prehistoric version of coffee).
On the bright side, Ipshad and Cree become friends.

Ran starts her morning as well. She resumes her gardening duties and picks her first harvest.

Similarly busy, Ipshad takes care of the newborn. So far, Ipshad's done all of the diaper changing. Good thing he's a family sim.

To add to their morning stress, the Cors discover that Ran is pregnant again. This development will definitely prevent Ran from contributing to the household duties of fishing, gardening, cooking, caring for Rangu, and cleaning the occasional plate.
I feel quite sorry for Ipshad; he'll have to take on all of the work himself.

Ipshad is already adjusting to the rigors of "working life". He earns a bronze gardening badge during Ran's 2nd pregnancy.

With all of the bass he's been eating, Ipshad's grown pretty porky as of late. He tries to fit in some exercise time amidst all of his busy responsibilities.

Ran, on the other hand, spends most of her time just chilling...

Speaking of porky- Ran enters her first trimester with a curvaceous baby bump.

Pregnancy has made Ran especially cranky.

Ran: Drat those daggone wolf-dogs. *Laboriously fills in a doggie hole*

Again, Ipshad changes Rangu's diaper. By now, Ipshad's changed Rangu's diaper so often that he has become her first friend. Ironically, Ran barely even holds her daughter, so they haven't really developed much of a relationship yet.

Ipshad seems to actually enjoy changing diapers. :3

Exhausted from being pregnant, Ran takes a midday snooze in her bass.

Ran: zzzZZZzzz...


With Ran out of commission, Ipshad takes on most of the chores. He has to work late into the night, but the rewards are nice; the harvest from these tomato plants fetch a good market price.

Ipshad takes a break from all of his hard work and talks about the weather with one of his friends.

Ran finally drags her lazy butt out of bed and changes Rangu's diaper for the first time ever. I'm sure she only did that because Ipshad was busy on the phone, though...
Nonetheless, this one interaction fosters a friendship between mother and daughter.

Ipshad returns to his hard work and begins planting the new crop (I forgot whether it was strawberries or eggplants, but it was definitely better quality than tomatoes).

By the end of their round, Ipshad has earned both a silver fishing badge and a bronze gardening badge. Ran has yet to earn a badge.

Until next time... :)


  1. I tried playing this challenge some time ago (this summer) but I stopped before the third generation was born because I got a little bored and I couldn't wait any longer for the Medieval times.

    I really hope you'll continue this challenge because I enjoy reading your story.

    I'm also amazed at how much Prehistorical custom content you have in your game (I couldn't found so many Prehistorical things so I kind of improvised when I played it).

    Keep playing ^^

    1. Thank you for the comment! Yeah, I have to manage my RL and find some time to soldier through this challenge; the beginning of each family has been pretty monotonous, but it's getting slightly more interesting.

      I downloaded most of my CC from Mod the Sims; check out the "Simstones" set!