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TOT Neanderthal Round 1: The Ens

    Welcome back! We're finally on the last family of this round.

Meet the Ens, another Skin 4 family.

Arok En (Gen 1)
Red hair
Light blue eyes
Skin 4


Bahibah En (Gen 1)
Blond hair
Gray eyes
Skin 4

Unlike all of my previous families thus far, Arok and Bahibah ignore their lust and get straight to work. Ironically, the Ens already have a 3 bolt chemistry relationship. 

While Arok takes care of their new tomato plants, Bahibah takes a shot at fishing.

Success! Looks like the Ens will be eating well tonight.

While Bahibah continues fishing, Arok prepares the fish for lunch/ dinner.

Of course, he succeeds as a cook. 
In this neighborhood, I'm finding that a lot of my females are way better fishermen than they are cooks, while my men are way better cooks than fishermen. ;)

The welcome wagon has arrived!! 
 From left to right: Tung Dar, Mila Dar (pregnant), Ipshad Cor

 The new neighbors gather around the watering hole for some good ol' fishing.

Arok greets another neighbor; remember Ran Cor? She (along with most of the females in this neighborhood) is expecting a child soon.
Before long, Arok and Ran become good friends.

Meanwhile, Bahibah befriends Ipshad, Ran's husband.

Mila calls Bahibah later that night. For what purpose, I know not.

This is the documentation of Arok's first time fishing. 
Hopefully it'll go well, but who knows?

Bahibah rests listlessly due to a bout of food poisoning; apparently she had some bad bass... *cough* not my fault *cough* (actually, it was XD)


Shoot! I didn't get a shot of the woohoo like I usually do (I think it was on a hammock), but we'll skip forward to Mila's first baby bump.
In the backdrop, you can see the slowly but steadily growing tomato plants. Hopefully they'll bring in some income.

Shortly after discovering her pregnancy, Mila succumbs to her exhaustion. Right on top of her bass, too. What a waste of food. :(

Since Mila started taking advantage of her expectant state, Arok has taken over most of the household duties. His fishing's pretty successful, so they probably won't starve after all.

Contrary to what you might think, this actually isn't morning sickness; Bahibah's still feeling the side effects of her food poisoning. 

The Ens receive another phone call from Mila. She's either very friendly or very idle; I can't decide which.
Probably the latter (pregnant sims can be very lazy).

This is probably the first time Arok and Bahibah have fished together; they make a very amiable couple and have never rowed (so far).


Not surprisingly, Arok receives his first gardening badge in no time flat. Bahibah has yet to even water the tomato plants.

Mila's second baby bump; she looks a bit like a bright, pink blimp!

How can anyone be so IDLE?! Doesn't Mila have anything else to do but hog the phone lines (no, because she's preggers)?! 

Out of the goodness of his heart, Arok adopts a fluffy stray dog named Hardimos (male).
Hardimos is in between a genius and a doofus, hyper, in between independent and friendly, aggressive, and a pigpen. His traits are pretty suitable for his time period, considering that the cave era was probably none too clean.

Curse you, Hardimos! I hate it when dogs dig up the ground; I have an OCD about that, and I always force my human sims to clean up after them.

Poor Arok, having to put up with this pig of a dog.

After calling the Ens an infinite amount of times, Mila finally makes a breakthrough with the Ens and befriends Arok. I guess persistence does pay off in the end (but it's frickin' annoying!!!)...


No matter how much Arok scolds Hardimos, the dumb dog continually defies all discipline and insists on digging holes in the ground for no clear purpose except to incite my anger. D:

Remember what I said about the Ens not starving due to Arok's excellent fishing? 
Well, I was wrong. Bahibah is, evidently, starving. She's also pregnant. A starving pregnant woman is bad for everyone.

Oh look, Hardimos peed on the floor. What the heck is wrong with that dog?!

...And now he's rolling in his own pee. 
Oh, how I worry for the future of this household.

Well, well, someone's finally contributing to the workload. Ever since the start of her pregnancy, Bahibah's been pretty lax about her chores.

Another shot of her gardening.



Aw, look at baby Bahma (red hair, gray eyes, skin 4)! She's quite adorable, and she reminds me of her father, Arok. I have confidence that she'll grow up beautifully. :3

Speaking of Arok... he's trying to lose some weight after eating all of that bass.

Hardimos likes to knock over the trash can on a periodic basis and eat whatever disgusting residue he can find. I leave out the bass for him, but he never wants to eat from the plate. 
I wonder why? XP

Arok takes care of Bahma's first diaper change.

Bad Hardimos!!! Why can't he just leave the trash alone? D:

Arok's been a good househusband thus far. He often cleans the sinks and cleans up after Hardimos...

...And you know how much Hardimos needs a caretaker. For some reason unbeknownst to me, Hardimos can't take a hint! He always defecates on the floor and likes to roll around his waste post-relief.

Soon after the birth of their firstborn child, the relatively happy couple spend some much needed cuddle time together.

Bahibah changes Bahma's diaper. Though Arok spends quite a bit of time with Bahma, Bahibah manages to befriend Bahma first.

Aww, so sweet. :3 Notice how they're holding hands post-woohoo.


Bahibah collects the Ens' first harvest. Sorry to say, the fruits are bland and of low quality; she sells them for $55.

Peeing indoors again!?!?!? Y U NO LISTEN, HARDIMOS?! [insert rage face]

Arok: Don't worry, we'll get a cat next time.
IF THERE IS A NEXT TIME (for the Ens, anyway).

Pets like Hardimos are incredibly hard to control, and with so much going on, the Ens barely have any energy or time to devote to the poor little slug of a dog.


With the help of ACR, the Ens decide to do it on the couch. They've already woohooed about 4 times, but Bahibah still hasn't managed to get pregnant a second time. :/ Something must be wrong...

Following that *ahem* woohoo session, Bahibah prepares some freshly caught bass while Arok tends to the cleanliness of their environment.

Hardimos finally does something right, so Arok doles out some praise (lol, probably for the first time, too).

Desperate for another child, Arok ravishes his wife for the umpteenth time. 
I've never had such an infertile couple before; hopefully this woohoo will produce some kids.


As always, Mila just has to make a social call to the Ens. Really, no one else except for Mila seems to call. I really don't understand the programming behind this, but it's getting old.

Finally! After suffering a short bout of morning sickness, Bahibah discovers that she is indeed pregnant.

Arok: FIRE!!! *panics frantically*
The SimStone stove is also a convenient trash disposal container, but when it's used as a trash can while it's in a dirty condition (just look at all of that green fume), it'll spontaneously combust. As it's doing now. 

Like an action heroine, Bahibah retrieves her young infant daughter and places her outside.

Bahibah: Darn door! It won't open!! DX<
Like an idiot, Bahibah tries to return to the scene of the fire, so I locked all of the doors to prevent her from making a potentially fatal mistake.

Trapped inside of his own home, Arok has no choice but to battle with the flames or succumb to a very painful death. 
Notice that Hardimos is strangely close to his master's derriere... A bit awkward, don'tcha think?

 Mission accomplished. Arok moves to clean up the stove.


Later that day, Bahibah tends to the tomato garden. I wish they would ripen faster, but I suppose I can't get that to happen without a proper cheat (which I won't use).

Bahibah gets some more morning sickness; she has yet to show.

A tender moment between father and daughter- rare, but quite sweet.

Fishing! Arok gets his first fishing badge. He now has a gardening badge and a fishing badge.
By the end of this round, Bahibah also gains the same badges; the only difference is that she obtains her fishing badge before her gardening badge.


The bass goes bad so fast; without some fresh bass, the Ens are faced with a tough choice between eating spoiled food and risking food poisoning or starving to death. 
Knowing how much the family depends on her, Bahibah sucks it up and grimaces through her rotten meal; at least she'll stay alive this way.

Surprise! :3

Bahma grows up into a fine-looking toddler. She's quite adorable, and hopefully she'll stay that way for the remainder of her life. Her eyes look blue in this lighting, but genetics say that her eyes should be gray.

The gingers of the house spend some quality time together. Father Arok tries to teach little Bahma how to walk.

Meanwhile, Bahibah says hello to her neighbor, Cree Bal.

Cree also brought her dog, Maya. Looks like Hardimos doesn't take to encroachment of his territory, though.
Hardimos: She's chewing my bone! CHEWING MY BONE!!!!
(Btw, Arok found a chewing bone by digging for treasure- heads up about that)

Like any other pair of housewives in the Neanderthal era, Bahibah and Cree solidify a newfound friendship through gossip about babies and pregnancy.

Arok: Well, I was thinking about getting another pet- HEY!! Am I really that boring?! :(
Exhausted from her earlier social exertion, Bahibah passes out in the middle of her meal...

...Only to be abruptly woken up by her mysteriously popping belly. Looks like Bahibah can look forward to some new offspring.
Bahibah: Oh, joy. D:

Ever since Bahma became a toddler, Arok's been constantly doting on his precious little girl. By now, Arok and Bahma are best friends (who do stuff together, U is for You 'n' me, dun dun dun...).

Look how playful they are! They really have one of the best father-daughter relationships in this challenge so far.

Here's a shot of Arok holding Bahma. I see a family resemblance. :3

... And we end this challenge with a rare shot of Bahibah actually interacting with Hardimos; she's feeding the poor slob some treats for being a slightly good boy.

This ends Round 1! Next up: the Ashes, Round 2. Ciao!

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