Sunday, January 22, 2012

Try to Survive Challenge: Completed

I took a break from the TOT Challenge and played a completely different challenge for a few days.

The rules for the "Try to Survive Challenge" are listed here:

I finally completed this challenge today, and I was going to post up pictures, but I unfortunately deleted the hood... -__-   I guess that challenge irked me more than I thought (I really hate ghosties).

Fortunately, I wrote down my points and the highlights of what happened, so I can at least offer a summary of how I did.

WARNING!!! THERE ARE NO PICTURES IN THIS POST (Well, unless you count the links to the Sims Wiki)!!!

The "Try to Survive Challenge": 

There were 8 challenge sims; all except for one were Maxis, and all of them started the challenge as teens (I aged up a lot of the sims with hacks before the challenge started). 

The lot I used was an edited version of one of the pre-made Maxis mansions; I really hate building houses, so I decided to just use an already established house. The lot name was 4406 Rogerford Drive, and, as usual, I pulled that name out on a whim. 

I decided to kill a family on the lot before moving in my challenge sims; that way, the house would already be haunted. I sacrificed the Picasos (Maxis sims-; in my game, Matthew and Jessica Picaso already had 2 teenage children, a brunette girl named Prossie and a brown-haired boy named Timon, and all of them died in various ways. :3

The Challenge Sims:
*Isaiah Gavigan: Maxis (originally a child), Romance []
*Chloe Paisley: CAS, Popularity [pretty, redhead, blue-eyed, Skin 3]
*All 6 of the Newsons (Maxis siblings): []
       -Gavin: Fortune
       -Ginger: Family 
       -Gallagher: (originally a child), Family
       -Gabriella: (originally a child), Family
       -Garrett: (originally a toddler), Knowledge
       -Georgia- (originally a toddler), Pleasure

The only sims who were originally friends at the start of the challenge were Gavin and his sister Georgia. Everyone else was fair game for the friend points.

The first sim to go was Gabriella; she died of starvation, and it was probably one of the easier deaths. Even though she died first, I never saw her ghost. Dunno why. 
I kept Gabriella's grave with the Picasos' graves in the cemetery out back. 

Georgia died next. Though the lot had a swimming pool, the swimming pool lacked stairs; instead, I had placed a single diving board in the pool so that the sims would have no way out, a one way entrance. Evil, I know, but totally worth it. Obviously, Georgia drowned.
Her ghost reappeared the most.

Most of the sims got along relatively well, but Gallagher and Ginger, though both being family sims and both having family relations, were always contending with one another. Ginger, as though in a perpetually bad mood, kept trying to attack Gallagher (she even succeeded once and beat him down, reducing him to a pathetic pile of effeminate tears). That's no way to treat your brother. :P

Next came Ginger- she died of fire and ended up burning down the entire kitchen. Throughout the entire challenge, I probably had to remodel the kitchen 3 or 4 times. Curse you, microwave. >:(

Chloe Paisley, my only CAS sim, died of fright. Georgia kept popping up in random places, so Chloe got scared to death when Georgia jumped out of nowhere in the middle of the hallway. Ugh, and I was trying to keep Chloe alive, too

I lost points because Georgia frightened yet another sim to death (Gallagher); I wasn't supposed to repeat deaths, but I did (accidentally). Curse you, Georgia!!! (not the state, lol)

Somewhere around this point, Gavin grew up into an adult; if Ginger were still alive, she would have been an adult, too. By now, there were no more female sims left; I was down to Isaiah, Garrett, and Gavin. Guess who went next?



Without further ado, I present to you the sixth death.

Isaiah, Garrett, and Gavin went outside to watch the pretty, white clouds traverse slowly across the wide, blue expanse of azure sky. 
 "Oh look, a pretty star!" exclaimed Isaiah.
Suddenly, a satellite crashed straight down onto said unsuspecting sim, startling his companions out of their wits.

The Grim Reaper came to collect that day.

By then, the entire lot was filthy and full of dirty plates; weeds consumed the entire lawn (and by entire, I do mean ENTIRE), and vermin infested the front yard. I tried to kill Gavin or Garrett with either disease or flies, but it just wasn't happening. Additionally, I tried freezing them to death by sending them outside in the frigid snow, electrocuting them by forcing them to tinker with appliances, and crushing them with the Murphy bed (Apartment Life) by sending them to bed with a bad mood and a low aspiration. 


Hail rained down from the heavens, pelting Gavin mercilessly in the head until he succumbed to a wretchedly drawn out and painful death. The Grim Reaper shook his head and took care of the situation.

By default, the winner is Garrett Newson! Congratulations! As a reward, I moved him out of that horrible, ghost-infested lot and sent him to live in a clean lot; he's currently sitting in the House Bin so that I can transplant him into a new Neighborhood. Thus, I deleted that Neighborhood (foolishly), which is why I (such a fool) do not have pictures of this challenge. >.< (Bangs head on desk)

Unfortunately, Garrett is also suffering from aspiration failure. :P


+5 Made Friends (Gallagher + Georgia)
+5 Made Friends (Ginger + Georgia)
+5 Made Friends (Chloe + Gabriella)
-5 Lost Friend (Chloe + Gabriella)
+5 Made Friends (Chloe + Georgia)
+5 Made Friends (Garrett + Georgia)
+5 Made Friends (Chloe + Gallagher)
+10 Narrowly Survived Fire (Isaiah)
+10 Narrowly Survived Fire (Gavin)
+10 Narrowly Survived Fire (Gallagher)
-15 Lost against the Grim Reaper (Gallagher- for Chloe)
+10 Narrowly Survived Fire (Gavin)
+10 Narrowly Survived Fire (Gallagher)
-20 Repeated Death Type (Gallagher- copied Chloe's death, which was die by fright)
+25 Never Caused Accidents (Garrett, winner of this challenge)



  1. If you've deleted the neighborhood, you've deleted Garrett; and if you haven't deleted Garrett, but had already moved him to another neighborhood, you just broke that one. Haven't you been reading the MTS warnings about not deleting or moving characters?

    Family is as Family does; when Ginger goes into aspiration failure, she's a terror. In my game I gave her a really mellow, reliable CAS sim to marry and take care of her, and she's still pretty neurotic.

    And you haven't told me where to find the mammoth deco yet...

    1. Here's the link to the Mammoth Shower:

      Hope you enjoy it as much as I do. :)

      Wait, I moved Garrett to his own personal lot and put him in the Lots Bin; if I placed him in a new neighborhood (by himself), would that kill my game? Hope not. :/