Tuesday, March 20, 2012

PABACC: The Genesis (or the Aftermath)

The Post-Apocalyptic Build A City Challenge

For miles around, the land has been scarred by an idiopathic series of massive tornadoes that had whipped up all that was once precious to the denizens of Ramsend River Valley, leaving behind a bleak, desert wasteland. What once was a flourishing little suburb in a town of greenery and fauna is now a desolate landscape of debris and sand. 
With only a few handful of survivors left in the aftermath, can they ever hope to rebuild Ramsend River Valley to its former glory?

Welcome to the Post-Apocalyptic Build A City Challenge! Wow, what a mouthful. :x

Well, let's just call this the PABACC Challenge! Looking for the rules? Click here!

Okay, so this is basically a rebuild-the-city/population challenge following a major crisis (in my case, that was the "tornadoes"). My goal is to reach a population of at least 50 sims.

I had already made my sims way back on January the 28th, but I didn't really have the opportunity to play this challenge until recently. Of course, I still won't be dedicating as much time on this challenge as I will be on the TOT Challenge, but it'll be a good opportunity to stretch my legs and take a break from my idiot prehistoric sims.

So, let's play!


Meet the Howells.

 They are amongst the last sims in Ramsend River Valley, which can hardly live up to its name due to its now arid, waterless geography. Once possessing distinctive last names, the Howells have banded together under a common surname in order to make up for their lost family in the aftermath of their plight.

Here are the survivors:

Adult Family Sim
Black Hair
Light Blue Eyes
Skin 4

Adult Romance Sim
Blond Hair
Light Blue Eyes
Skin 1

Adult Romance Sim
Blond Hair
Brown Eyes
Skin 4
(The person behind him is Gregory; pay no mind)

Though all of his lovers had been killed in the tornadoes, Samuel managed to save 2 of his children (Who knows if he had more? After all, he is a romance sim):

~Samuel's elder child, Craig Sanchez~
Teen Family Sim
Black Hair
Gray Eyes
Skin 2


~And Samuel's younger daughter, Pauline Sanchez~
Child Sim
Blond Hair
Brown Eyes
Skin 1

Adult Family Sim
Red Hair
Dark Blue Eyes
Skin 1

Like Samuel, Zara had lost her husband in the tornadoes. However, she managed to stay alive with her only child:

~Zara's daughter, Lucy~
Teen Knowledge Sim
Red Hair
Green Eyes
Skin 1

Because all of their homes had been demolished in the wake of the crisis, the Howells are all living under this one roof that they had constructed from the remnants of their old houses. Though only one story tall, this house has been furnished with the necessities to life along with a few extra objects, mainly for crafting and painting. 
The group home also contains one of the few reservoirs of water left in the entire river valley; ever since the tornadoes, most everything had simply dried up.

The Howells are settling in nicely; while Gregory tries to romance his way into Abby's pants, Samuel and his daughter cherish the fact that they're still alive.

Samuel can't believe his eyes. Ever since the tornadoes, it hasn't rained in such a long time. Perhaps now they can finally begin rebuilding Ramsend River Valley.

Meanwhile, Lucy tries to explain to Pauline that in order to make Ramsend River Valley a proper society again, they will need to institute some law and order. 
Pauline just scratches her head.

After a few romantic interactions, though, Gregory decides that Abby's "just not hot enough".

Rather than becoming dejected, however, Abby starts getting chummy with Samuel. I like how all of the adult men are romance sims; that's just asking for trouble, eh? :P

Looks like they're attracted to one another! :)

Since there isn't any electricity, the Howells are unable to cook proper meals; Craig doesn't seem too put out by that, though. Teenagers will happily eat chips any day.
I foresee a rise of obesity in the near future. :o

Kissing already? These guys move fast. :P

Tired of eating nothing but junk food (watch those empty calories!) all day, the adults step up to the plate and start fishing for their lives. At least the skies have cleared up by now.

Trying to find something to occupy her mind, Lucy begins painting a picture; if she moves out later, she can use it to barter (but it'll be one ugly picture).

What a sullen pair. 
Consisting of a single can of instant food per person, dinner proves to be a meager and quiet affair. I feel pretty sorry for these sims. 

Ah, who am I kidding? I revel in their misery. XD

Following their miniscule meal, Gregory and Samuel attempt to liven up their dull lives with a dull game of dull chess.
How dull.


The next morning, the Howells begin to notice the wear and tear of daily life without sanitation commodities. It's obvious that Lucy's thinking about how much Abby smells, and it's also obvious that Samuel is complaining about how much he smells.

How the heck are they supposed to survive without even a sink?! I have no idea. O.o

Zara pays no mind to the detrimentally stinky consequences of jumping rope. After all, why care about the stench when you can look twice as good? XP

A chess showdown between brother and sister, older and younger. Looks like Big Brother Craig is smirking at Little Sister Pauline... and she's only just made the 1st move. XP

Rejected! Why is he smiling...? O.o
(Must be the Romance sim inside of him)

Oh, wait... Never mind, he's not smiling anymore. :(
Samuel: Boohoo hoo hoo, sob sob sob!!!! DX DX
(He gets rejected 2 more times after this.)

Still, they manage to make up with a make out.

Love is stinky, yes it is...

...But at least it's reciprocated! I like how both Samuel and Abby are grimacing about smelling terrible at the same fetid time. XD

Even though they just got hitched, Abby looks incredibly unhappy with Samuel... I wonder why?

Ah. Now I see... Looks like Samuel just got rejected big time. 
Abby just refused to get married to Samuel, causing a big, gaping hole in both sides of the relationship.

Oh, well. It doesn't matter if they ever get married since the rules say that engaged couples can move out of the group home. 
Say Hasta la vista to your kids, Samuel! You're going to a new lot so you can get some alone time with your new fiancee, the very angry Abby (who just rejected you -_-).

I feel kind of guilty for leaving Samuel's kids behind, but they'll be cared for by the other adults.

From here on out, I think I'll play my rounds by every 3 days since I stopped on Wednesday.

Current Population Count: 7
+10 New Family (Abby X Samuel- I haven't decided what vocation(s) they will take yet)

Tune in for next time. Until then, ciao!

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