Wednesday, May 2, 2012

The Bachelor Challenge V.1: Day 3: 2nd Elimination, 1 Flirt, Group Hot Tub Date, 1-on-1 Chess Table Date

Welcome back to Pleasantview's Bachelor Challenge, starring Beau Broke, who is no longer broke, and his 6 potential vixens in their attempts to narrow down the love field to a single, final couple.

Day 3: 2nd Elimination, 1 Flirt, Group Hot Tub date, 1-on-1 Chess Table Date

<3 1 Flirt Before 12:00 PM <3
Everyone except for Beau was up at 7:40 AM, so I woke him up manually.

1. Calista = Charm, accepted
2. Ericka = Charm, accepted
3. Kaylynn = Goose, accepted
4. Lauren = Hold Hands, accepted, mutual crushes now
5. Maura = Suggestion, denied
6. Michelle = Hold Hands, accepted, mutual crushes now

Kaylynn's finally getting some competition here!

***12:00 Elimination Time!***
Beau's Relationships
  1. Kaylynn = 155 *Big surprise there (NOT). Friends and Mutual Crushes
  2. Lauren = 136 * Friends, Mutual Crushes
  3. Michelle = 131 *Friends, Mutual Crushes
  4.  Calista = 70
  5. Maura = 48
  6. Ericka = 42
In spite of my fervent wishes for the contrary, Ericka Jayapalan, the pretty, ginger NPC gardener, has been eliminated. The same glitch happened again so that I couldn't move her out, so I have no choice but to turn her into a townie. :(
She was one of the more quiet but beautiful sims, so that was disappointing. Maybe I'll reuse her in another round of the Bachelor Challenge (if I ever attempt it again, that is- though, I must admit that it's a pretty fun challenge).

<3 Hot Tub Date <3 ~15:20-18:20
Ugh, I forgot to make them start in the same spot (again).
Order of entry- Winners
  1. Kaylynn
  2. Maura
  3. Calista
Beau and Maura splashed each other, lowering their relationship. Kaylynn and Beau splashing on the other hand caused a huge boost. Same with losers Michelle and Lauren; they're already friends despite being competition, Lauren's a pretty depressed girl- she's in red mood and worries often.

~~Chess Date (1 hour each)~~
  1. Lauren = positive *She promptly went to bed.
  2. Maura = positive *She went to eat gelatin.
  3. Calista = a bit negative but  more positive *She went to bed.
  4. Michelle = positive *She grabbed some gelatin. Pattern, much? (bed, jello, bed, jello)
  5. Kaylynn = positive *She went to bed. Pattern has been confirmed. :)
This lasted until 12:05 AM; most were tired. 
Wait... Ericka's still around?? That's creepy... I'm not sure how to get rid of her (she's in her PJs in the girls' room).
Now she's eating my gelatin! >:(
I'm going to try exiting the household, then reloading it. Carmen's gone, so Ericka has to go too. Uh-oh; while I was fiddling with the Tombstone of L&D, I had spawned and added a Hula-Zombie as well as Kendal Lawson the baby-sitter to my house- they've disappeared from in-game, but the neighborhood screen still shows them (freaky glitches, huh?).
Oh good, Ericka's gone, at least. On to Day 4!

With Ericka's elimination, only 5 candidates are left for Beau. Who will survive the next elimination? Check back and see on Day #4... :) 

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