Wednesday, May 2, 2012

The Bachelor Challenge V.1: Day 2: 1st Elimination, Group Hot Tub Date, 1-on-1 Dates

I did say I would post the next day promptly, and thus I shall...

Day 2: 1st Elimination, Group Hot Tub Date, 1-on-1 Dates

5 girls woke at 6:00 AM, but Kaylynn and Calista are still snoozing. I woke Beau up on purpose so that the girls besides Kaylynn still have a chance. I'm going the rest of the challenge without ACR so it's more fair (I mean, seriously, Kaylynn POUNCED BEAU ON THE FIRST FREAKING DAY!!! @_o).

Right now, everyone's up and socializing except for Kaylynn, so the others have a chance (not much of one, though... she's a total cougar, even when she's snoring the morning away). Beau had just made friends with Lauren, his only other friend in the house beside Kaylynn (don't forget, Lauren was a supposedly very pretty, doe-eyed sim, so let's hope she can rival Kaylynn). 

Kaylynn's awake, finally. Surprisingly, all of the sims had managed to congregate into the living/ dining room.

***12:00 Elimination Time!***
Beau's Relationships
  1. Kaylynn = 145 *Friends and Mutual Crushes
  2. Michelle = 102 *Surprising, because they're not friends
  3. Lauren = 96 *Friends
  4. Calista = 54
  5. Maura = 43
  6. Ericka = 24
  7. Carmen = 21 *Not surprising- she's hideous (uglier than Sandy Bruty!!!), so I just had to give her a ninja mask.
Well, the choice is obvious... Carmen Patch, the ugliest sim in the challenge, was eliminated for her low relationship score with Beau. I'm going to move her out and probably turn her back into an NPC/ townie or kill her.

(Some time after the elimination...) For once, everybody is at the table eating. Hopefully that'll raise stats.

Hm, a weird glitch didn't let me move Carmen out, so I used Sim Blender to change her into a DownTownie.

<3 Hot-Tub Date <3 ~16:30-19:30

Everyone scrambled at the same time (in case you didn't read the rules, the girls are supposed to race to see who gets to hot-tub with the Bachelor- there are only 3 positions, so hot-tubbing obviously has very exclusive seating), but since they weren't in the same starting position, I suppose it wasn't fair (I'll do that next time).

Order of entry- Winners
  1.  Maura
  2. Michelle
  3. Lauren
The others had to go to the other tub. Their tub was full of splashing, with both relation boosts and fallacies. The winner tub was quieter and had mostly positive conversations.

~~1-on-1 Chat Date~~ 
  1. Michelle = + for both about BFFs and Missiles (?? Do I sense a violent relationship?)
  2. Lauren = + for both about stormy weather
  3. Kaylynn = + for Beau about daisies
  4. Calista = + for Beau about club membership, - for Calista about sumo wrestlers (?? Where do these sims come up with these random topics?)
  5. Maura = - for Beau about sight-reading charts
  6. Ericka = + for both about school, + for Ericka about kissing
(If you totally didn't understand that about the + and the -, those signs refer to relationship gains or losses between Beau and the chosen girl during their single, mandatory chat.)


With Day 2 over, we now have 1 elimination and only 6 girls left for the handsome bachelor named Beau Broke (who, as I have previously mentioned, is no longer Broke). Who will be the lucky gal? Will it be Kaylynn Langerak, who was Beau's first choice by ACR and still has the highest relations with him, Michelle Kerney, who has the second best relationship with him, Maura Simpson, who won the hot-tub date and has relatively attractive features, Calista Despret, who is desperate for some loving, Lauren Reeves, a stunningly Bambi-faced chick, or will it be the luckless Ericka Jayapalan, a beautiful sim who unfortunately has the lowest relationship score with Beau? Find out in the the next update with Day 3. :)  

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