Thursday, December 1, 2011

TOT Neanderthal Round 1: The Ashes

Welcome to my rendition of the Test of Time Challenge!

My rotations will be by season (for the Neanderthal Period, seasons will be completely summer), and all of my founders have the Family Aspiration to make the baby-making process easier on their poor little minds. Children will be named after their respective same-sex parent (i.e. Billy has a son named Bob; Sandy has a daughter named Selina) so that I can more easily trace their lineages.

I decided to play  as closely as possible to the original rules of the TOT challenge, so here's our first couple!

WARNING: This post is extremely long and has way too many pictures to be sanely possible (I'll try to cut down the number of snapshots next time).

Meet Mr. and Mrs. Ash.

Zanzibar Ash (Gen 1)
Red hair
Green eyes
Skin 1

Shadrya Ash (Gen 1)
Blond hair
Light blue eyes (though they look gray :P)
Skin 1

Zanzibar looks pleased to meet y'all. :)

Here's an overview of their house (lots of CC went into this lot):

Nifty, huh? Well, let's get cracking, then. 20 generations... O.o

As you can see, they've already started. : P

*Baby Chime*

Shortly after their woohoo, Shadrya gets up and takes a stab at farming. Tomatoes, of course. Ugh, how I hate raw tomatoes... *shudder*

     Shortly after starting their farm, Shadrya decides to fish so that they can sate their hunger pangs.

Zanzibar takes up the "womanly duties" and prepares dinner (love that Custom Content). ;)

                               Of course, he totally fails and ends up burning that once delicious fish. Way to go. Not.

Since that was the only fish Shadrya managed to catch, they reluctantly force it down their pre-historic gullets. The Stone Ages sure sucked.


Zanzibar greets a wandering canine by the name of Olive (I don't know if the TOT Challenge allows pets or not, but since adopting strays was not addressed, I think it will be okay...)

They immediately hit it off, but Olive leaves before Zanzibar can offer her a place to stay.


Meanwhile, Shadrya experiences her first baby bump. : )

Zanzibar: I love myself. : D
Even the Stone Age had narcissists. XD

Shadrya: I REALLY NEED TO GO! *Covers the entire floor in her bluish liquid waste*

Pregnancy has not been kind to her.

He kept autonomously relaxing on the bed, so he neglected his fishing duties. As a result, they have no fish and, therefore,  no food. What a genius Zanzibar is.

Tuckered out from being pregnant.
I wish I had CC for Neanderthal pregnancies; the blue modern PJs just look so out of place.

She spends most of this pregnancy in an either perpetual state of hunger or a perpetual state of unconsciousness. I'm not sure which one's more annoying. Stupid Pre-history.


Yay! Food. And this time it's cooked right.


More planting duties. Shadrya picks the first oranges of the harvest and promptly sells them.

Zanzibar earns a Bronze planting badge; he took over most of the fishing and farming while Shadrya was pregnant.


At long last, Shadrya agonizingly gives birth to the first child of this challenge!

Meet Sanima (female; Blond, blue-eyed, skin 1).

A boy and girl pair. I totally didn't expect that since my game doesn't usually have natural twins (I often use cheats to make twins), so that's a pleasant surprise, hm?

Meet Zor (male; red-head, blue-eyed, skin 1).

Aw, the first cuddle of the Pre-Historic Ages. : 3 You can see Zor's coloring better, here.

The twins have these nice turtle-shell cribs. Comfy. ;)

Parenthood is terrible. I love how those newborns decided to soil themselves at the same time. XD
Simply evil, aren't they?


Finally having some time to themselves, the new parents enjoy some woohoo.

Not again... : P The torture joys of childbearing ensues.

Having spent so much time gardening and fishing, Zanzibar suffers from some massive sunburn.


Stressed out by the twins and the discovery of her newest pregnancy, Shadrya takes the blow and passes out on the floor.

Sleeping like a baby. See a family resemblance? Lol.


Even though Sanima was born first, Zor enters toddlerhood before Sanima. I like how he's wearing panda footies. :)

Sanima and Zanzibar become best friends. By the end of this round, both parents are best friends with both of their kids.

As you can see, Sanima has also grown up into a little tot. They like to wreak havoc, of course. O.o
The toddler stage in the Sims 2 is probably one of my least favorite life stages because of its tendency to cause chaotic messes (they just HAVE to play in the toilet, huh?).

Sanima and Zor are awfully cute, though. They share their first huggle in this pic.

Shadrya is obviously tired from all of their rambunctious behavior and passes out in her food. Suspiciously, Zanzibar has yet to pass out at all...


Zanzibar helps his son Zor take his first steps.
Zanzibar: Now, he's a man!
Yeah, right...

Olive makes her second appearance on the Ashes' lot. Having built up a good relationship from last time, Zanzibar decides to domesticate this "wolf" and takes her in. Thus, Olive becomes the first domesticated canine (at least in this storyline, anyway).

Until next time... :)

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